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Even Minor Glitches And Breaches Can Kill Brands

Even Minor Glitches And Breaches Can Kill Brands. Read this article from Sairam Vedam, VP & Global Head-Marketing at Cigniti Technologies, talking about how such issues not only leads to financial losses but also smudges the image of the brand in the public sphere, and the role of Quality Assurance to prevent such situations.

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Cigniti Technologies: Ride the Quality Engineering with Agile Testing Services

Our CEO, Srikanth Chakkilam, in an interview with Insight Success Magazine says “Cigniti constantly realigns itself with the ever changing Digital World, and deliver exceptional services to outshine others”. Read the full interview to know how Cigniti is riding the Quality Engineering wave with Agile testing services.

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Forbes: Technology Trends Impacting Quality Assurance, Quality Engineering And Digital Assurance

In this article, Pradeep G, CTO & President at Cigniti Technologies, shared the top technology trends that are impacting Quality Assurance, Quality Engineering And Digital Assurance. Read the full article here.

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Incorporating DevOps the right way

Sairam Vedam, Vice President and Global Head of Marketing, Cigniti Technologies, discusses how to incorporate the culture of DevOps into your company, the right way.

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