Today Products / software applications are being launched into the market at a very rapid pace. Not just local markets but to the Global markets with a multicultural audience. In the face of these challenges it becomes absolutely necessary to ensure that the products / services work without breaking functionality owing to diverse linguistic and regional requirements that would cause either data loss or display problems.

What you need is to that ensure that your products / applications get to market quickly and you get an early ROI. Ensuring that your products / software meet all requirements prior to launch will ensure a reduction in cost of finding post release defects.

Cigniti’s Globalization testing services which include Internationalization and Localization testing can help you ensure that your products/applications are ready for the Global market. Internationalization testing which ensures that your product / application meet international standards is a precondition for effective localization testing to ensure it has no defects under localized conditions.

Globalization Testing In Software Testing

Leverage Cigniti’s experience, dedicated pool of career testers, Predict Quality Methodology and IP led testing services to ensure that your products / software are ready for the challenges of today’s Global market. Cigniti’s experts use manual and automation testing approaches and are comfortable with using both open source and commercial testing tools.