The current global economic conditions call for compliant strategies to manage information systems and processes in transition. Cigniti’s Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) helps maintain the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) through deployment of right set of people, processes and tools/ infrastructure with greater expertise and minimal effort.

Our clients represent many areas like Banking, Finance, Insurance, Health Care, Manufacturing, Technology, Retail, Energy, Information Management and Telecommunications.

Redundant processes, inconsistent tools and anomalies appear because silos tend to focus on individual goals breaking alignment between processes and business logic. At times business units inherit legacy components which require additional expenditure.  Is there a way to eliminate these anomalies, standardize processes and leverage tools/infrastructure/testing capabilities? Is there a way to improve the quality of IT systems while reducing the cost and improving the time to market? Test Center of Excellence.

Cigniti is your “ASSET”

Aligning testing frameworks and processes to achieve business objectives needs iteration. Cigniti believes in creative cooperation and thus engages multi-disciplinary teams in its program governance at its Test Center of Excellence- ASSET an acronym for Analyze- Standardize - Synergize - Expand -Track

This service enables our clients to reap maximum benefits in terms of quality improvement, cost reduction, productivity improvement and finally reduction in time to market. 

Developed to deliver value proposition to business, ASSET is a pragmatic approach that standardizes processes and leverages testing capabilities adherent to a traditional SDLC, STLC or any agile framework.

ASSET is a best in class framework supported with well-defined processes and tools which forms the backbone of Cigniti’s Test Center of Excellence service.  

We take pride in extending this approach across business units and help our client scale on our solutions for better organic growth. Better training, execution and deployment of mature practices by Cigniti’s competent professionals ensure excellent deliverables.

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