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The existence of software-based applications has become integral to our lives, so much so that we now expect most things to be now just a tap away. 

Customers are only concerned about the end product. They expect the products to make their lives easier and hassle-free, instead of being full of technical glitches that make them unusable. While this magnanimous difference appears in the end product, it starts taking shape from the very conception of a software. The way an application is conceptualized, designed, developed, engineered, and tested contributes to what the customers experience at the end.  

Organizations making software applications and offering digital services are concerned about the end user experience, which would in turn deliver high ROI. A seamless, glitch-free software application would yield excellent user experience. The link connecting these two aspects and making it possible for both end users and the organizations to attain their objectives is end-to-end application testing. 

Gartner describes Application Testing Services as a comprehensive term used to capture all types of verification and validation services to support quality control and quality assurance (QA) of applications. Verification, which is typically an internal process, is the evaluation of whether or not a product or a service complies with regulation, requirement, specification, or imposed conditions. Validation is the assurance that a product or service meets the needs of the customer, which typically involves acceptance and suitability with external customers. 

Irrespective of the software technology, development methodology, or tools employed, software application testing is essential for ensuring the success of the end product among the users. By assisting the eradication of critical defects from the application, software testing and QA empowers organizations with the confidence to deliver a high-performance application. 

According to Gartner, “The demand for intelligent and highly automated testing services is driven by the need for continuous quality excellence at a lower cost. In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Testing Services, Worldwide, for 2020, Cigniti has been positioned as a Niche PlayerThis is the 6th consecutive year Cigniti has been positioned in the Magic Quadrant. Gartner recognizes Cigniti’s test automation and platform expertise as a pure-play testing provider. 

Key strengths as a pure-play testing provider 

  • IP and Asset landscape: At Cigniti, we leverage and invest in intellectual property (IP) such as our core software testing platform, BlueSwan. Recent investments into this suite of products include Verita, an AI-enabled quality engineering platform and dashboard with predictive and prescriptive analytics, and the launch of an AI-based Cigniti Enterprise Sentiment Analyzer as a SaaS offering. 
  • Case study: Our next-gen IP tool, Verita, offered real-time dashboard capabilities to a leading Insurance services provider

  • A USbased insurer wanted to implement test automation and regression testing best practices within its organization to achieve high growth in its domain, improve member experience, and transform its quality management services for the coming years. It wanted to standardize defect management lifecycle, define test processes, and establish test metrics. 
  • As its strategic testing partner, Cigniti reduced 80% of the insurer’s efforts in the UAT phase and saved the organization 500+ hours worth of test efforts. With our test automation and regression suites, the insurer achieved 90% improvement in defect detection efficiency and 50% reduction in the overall regression cycle time. 
  • Read the complete success story. 
  • Breadth of services: We offer a broad range of services, including quality assurance, quality engineering, digital assurance, next-gen testing, and advisory and transformation services. These services are underpinned by multiple testing tool vendor partnerships, where partners include UiPath, HeadSpin, and Tricentis. 
  • Case study: End-to-end Quality Engineering services for a Medical Devices company

  • An innovative medical devices manufacturer was looking for a software testing partner that could provide a robust framework for integrating software, mobile devices, and medical devices, as well as assistance in obtaining certifications for their device’s regulatory compliance. 
  • The Cigniti team defined the test strategy for performing end-to-end requirement, functional, regression, and certification testing across multiple mobile applications and medical devices. Our test automation framework helped the client conduct device certification tests to ensure that the device is compliant with the standard protocols and interfaces, as FDA mandates. 
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  • Engaged and flexible teams: Cigniti focuses on having engaged leadership teams on test engagements. Users of Cigniti’s application testing services (ATS) appreciate the ability of our resources to adopt a strong customer focus. They also admire our ability to work as a partner, our level of responsiveness, as well as the speed with which we rectify any issues on engagements as strengths. 
  • Case study: Test Consulting & Advisory help UK’s Healthcare company improve QA team maturity 

  • A global healthcare company needed support in the proper assessment of its QA processes, people, technologies, and tools across its organization to establish a Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) and a Governance model. 
  • We automated repeatable test cases and created a core automated regression suite along with about 65 process assets to streamline testing and improve the QA maturity. 
  • Read the complete success story. 

How Cigniti can help you 

As the world’s leading Independent Quality Engineering & Software Testing services company, Cigniti brings the power of AI into Agile and DevOps to accelerate enterprise digital transformation. We assist global organizations in accelerating the time to market by predicting and preventing unanticipated failures, leveraging AI-driven, proprietary Continuous Testing & Test Automation solutions which are platform and tool agnostic, with customer centricity at the core of the transformation. Our test offerings include Quality Engineering, Advisory & Transformation, Digital Assurance, and Quality Assurance. 

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