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IT & QA Staffing – the Need of the Hour

Today’s enterprises visualize dramatic changes in the IT environment that interact with their business needs. With declining user patience levels, the need of the hour is the release of perfect and flawless products. Niche & specialized IT and QA professionals understand your business domain, latest testing tools & can draw insights from QA benchmarks in industry to help you move ahead.

Some Facts, Figures, and Trends in North American IT & QA Staffing Industry

According to SIA key findings, 41 firms generated at least $100 million in U.S. information technology temporary staffing revenue in 2014. Added together, these firms generated $16.3 billion in U.S. IT temporary staffing revenue in 2014, accounting for 63% of the market, by estimates. The following graph depicts the above detailed data.



Interesting figures these, aren’t they?

Changing dynamics and increasing complexities of Quality Assurance domain

Full-time, skilled personnel are required for performing QA related tasks. The inherent complexity of today’s multi-dimensional work environments will be further impacted by miscommunication, lack of understanding, or any form of resistance – be it to processes, to change, or just towards working with peers. These scenarios necessitate the need for a shift left DevOps, Agile-centric environment, which is the hallmark of an organization having QA professionals.

Now, do you run an organization that deals with, or provides IT & QA Staffing? Or one who is looking out for a highly skilled, niche level staff? Or maybe someone who is just plain interested in understanding more about what is going on in the world of staffing?

If you are interested to know more, then you are in luck!

Cigniti Technologies, a US-based Colocated Independent Testing Services & Specialist QA Staffing Services Company is hosting a Webinar that will cover topics such as:

  • Facts, Figures and Trends in North American IT & QA Staffing industry
  • Changing dynamics and increasing complexities of Quality Assurance domain
  • Difference between Generalist IT Staffing & Specialized QA Staffing
  • Latest models, concepts related to QA Staffing

About The Webinar & Hosts

The webinar will have best in class thought leaders from Cigniti Technologies share their insights on the evolving IT and QA staffing landscape in North America, the experiences of clients working with specialized QA Staffing partners, and the impact on resource quality and project delivery timelines. The webinar is being attended by other quality management executives, leading industry analysts, and senior professionals from global enterprises and Independent Testing Services & Specialist QA Staffing Services organizations.

View here the recording of a Webinar on the “Compelling Benefits of Specialist QA Staffing Vs IT Staffing“.



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