Cignitians: Always Work-From-Home ready

In these uncertain times, we are doing everything at Cigniti to meet the challenge of COVID-19 pandemic. As the situation around novel coronavirus continues to evolve, we are continuously monitoring the global developments. The health of our employees is our top priority and we are doing everything we can to ensure our employees stay safe.

We are also ensuring that as always, the Cigniti team is fully geared up to work-from-home to assure business continuity to our clients.

Cigniti has employees working across the globe. In each of the countries, we follow the government and local authority guidelines of working from home. In line with the advisory issued by the government across various geographical locations, regarding precautionary measures to be followed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we encourage our employees to continue working from home, as their safety is our utmost priority.

Securing Business Continuity

We have always delivered quality services to our valued clients – even when our teams work from home. As a check to strengthen our services from home for ensuring business continuity for our clients, we have taken a few additional measures keeping in mind the safety and requirements of our clients:

  • To uphold the security protocols from our side while connecting to our client infrastructure, we have enforced multiple security features such as stipulated connection via web-based URLs, customer supplied VPN Client tool and infra on user system, & robust, Site-to-Site tunnel systems which are helpful in drastically reducing the risk of a security breach.
  • We have also strengthened our Security Testing CoE and teams as the requests for our security testing service continue to increase.
  • We have allowed access to enterprise wide real-time communication for seamless communication among teams as they work from home.

To help Cignitians continue doing quality work even when working remotely, we have augmented our IT infrastructure and laid down strict work from home guidelines.

Work from Home Guidelines

We have taken a thorough look at our work from home practices and standards to ensure secure, robust, and reliable delivery of our services to our valued clients in these unprecedented times.

  • We have allowed access to enterprise-wide real-time communication over Skype for Business and similar applications to allow seamless communication even when teams are working from home.
  • All Cignitians are strictly adhering to the information security obligations to ensure that organization and client data protection remains on priority.
  • All employees have been advised to audit their home environment for vulnerabilities, before connecting to work devices.
  • All the employees are available online on platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, WebEx, Outlook and mobile for seamless collaboration.
  • Cignitians ensure secure internet connection while taking advantage of any public Wi-Fi and have endpoint security enabled on each connected device.
  • To align better with team members, Cignitians are sticking to regular working hours – and more.
  • There are regular virtual team meetings to review the progress and assess course corrections wherever necessary and communicate updates with the entire team.
  • All employees working from home have shared alternate numbers with Managers and team members, in case network coverage is an issue.
  • The Reporting manager are responsible for the respective project and ensure the output is delivered by the team members timely.
  • The ICT team is available in real-time to assist with Software, Skype, Laptop/Desktop issues etc.