December 1, 2016

LiQE Cigniti’s Thought Leadership Event for Quality Engineering

Business models are being transformed as the world is riding the wave of digital. As they look to be digital to provide the best customer experience, Quality Engineering services plays the key role. Powered by intelligence and automation, architected with customer experience at its center, and built for the Agile and DevOps environment, these state-of-the-art Quality Engineering services leverage deep domain expertise to customize solutions according to the industry and are focused towards achieving Quality@Speed.

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Speakers & Panelists

Dominique Raviart

Practice Director at NelsonHall

Nanda Padmaraju

VP - Sales, Europe at Cigniti Technologies

Colin O’Brien

Head of QA, Ryanair

Title : Ryanair Labs Embraces BDD Description: Exploring the advent of Ryanair

Shiva Prasad

Senior Director at Cigniti technologies

Shiva is a seasoned professional in leading Service Delivery and Client

Sai Chintala

President, Global Presales, Cigniti Technologies

Sai Chintala has over 24 years of IT experience, with exclusive

Event Agenda

Dominique Raviart

Key note by NelsonHall Analyst Dominique Raviart

Topic: Mitigating the risks of Digital Transformation through Digital Quality Assurance Talk and discussion on how QA and software testing is going through another cycle of disruption based on the
BlueSwan Showcase

BlueSwan Showcase


Cigniti's Next Generation Software

Presentation by Industry Thought leader

Presentation by Colin O’Brien

Colin O’Brien, Head of QA, Ryanair Title : Ryanair Labs Embraces BDD Description: Exploring the advent of Ryanair Labs, the technology & tools at the heart of Ryanair’s digital transformation and
Lunch Break

3 Course Lunch

3 Course Lunch (in Grand Library)
Cigniti Technologies

Panel Discussion

Topic: Sharing Quality Assurance Best Practices on Digital Transformation Projects The panel discussion will be an open forum sharing experiences/views/ideas on the following:
  • The overall challenges brought by digital projects
Cigniti Technologies

Fun with Food & Drinks

We’ll take some time out from the serious part of the day to enjoy a couple of hours fun and relaxation with Hanbury Manor’s games centre. Enjoy a round

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Event FAQS find your answers

Leadership in Quality Engineering (LiQE) is a leading annual software testing thought leadership event, organised by Cigniti Technologies. The event will focus on the importance of Digital Assurance, Quality Engineering & Assurance, challenges, trends, and best practices in the testing industry. It also talks about how organisations across the industries should align themselves to the ever emerging software testing needs. The event brings together our esteemed clients, industry thought leaders and CIOs to exchange ideas & learn from their peers & industry experts.

This event is meant for CIOs & Business Leaders who want to:

  • Learn and keep themselves updated with the latest digital transformation trends
  • Learn about the role of Digital QA for success and
  • Network with their peers & exchange ideas
Throughout the day there will be a host of networking sessions, with food and drinks provided. This will allow you the opportunity to get to know your peers, exchange ideas and valuable information. In addition, there will also be some fun team building events that will provide some light relief from the more serious parts of the agenda.
For any further clarifications, please feel free to drop a line to

Yes, it is absolutely free for CIOs & Business Leaders. Those who register will receive a confirmation email.

We will also have a range of short presentations on best practices adopted by a number of your peers within the room. There will also be a panel discussion to discuss these learning experiences in greater detail and to share knowledge and understanding of what other leading organisations are doing to achieve their goals.
We will have a key note speech on this topic by Dominique Raviart, who will be discussing current and likely future trends and the challenges they will generate for the quality engineering industry. Dominique Raviart is the IT Services Research Director at NelsonHall, who are the leading outsourcing research and analysis firm.

Event Location

Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club, London
Ware Hertfordshire, England
SG12 0SD United Kingdom

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