Diego Lo Giudice (Guest Speaker)

Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals

Kalyana Rao Konda

Cigniti Technologies

Client focused organizations need to improve user experience constantly through digital disruption.

Delivering features that are relevant and useful in small increments is the high expectation of your users. To achieve this, traditional testing does not cut it. To be able to develop and release continuously, you must test continuously as well. Both speed and accuracy of testing are equally important in the context of Agile & DevOps environments. Test automation has got an important role to play to deliver quality software at high speed. There is also a need to integrate non-functional testing aspects early on in the life cycle through CI/CD implementation. Register for this webinar and join the discussion with our guest Diego Lo Giudice, VP and principal analyst from Forrester and Kalyana Rao Konda, President - NA East, Cigniti Technologies.

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As your organization embarks on its digital transformation journey, you may find it evolving at different stages of transformation. It thus becomes imperative to understand how Agile & DevOps continuous testing can assist you in the process. Join the Cigniti & Forrester webinar to know more.


Explore ways to accelerate your digital journey



Discover workarounds for hurdles in digital transformation with Agile & DevOps practices



Find how to integrate non-functional testing aspects early in SDLC/STLC by implementing CI/CD



How Cigniti is implementing Agile & DevOps continuous testing for its digital clients