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Why Should You Watch the Fireside Chat?

“69% of companies have adopted Agile & DevOps and another 20% are planning to do so. This is because the companies want to deliver software faster with high quality and that’s what is driving digital assurance,” says our guest Diego Lo Giudice, VP & Analyst at Forrester.

Banking customers want sleeker processes to perform seamless transactions without even actually walking into a bank. While it is essential for banks to bolster their digital presence and ambitions with technologies such as hybrid and native cloud, automation, Business Intelligence, AI and Machine Learning, and Agile & DevOps, they would need to put Digital Assurance and Engineering as a core for massive Digital Transformation. 

What Will You Learn?

Hear out from our esteemed guest speakers Diego Lo Giudice, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Paul Trotter, Dy. CTO at Atom Bank, in conversation with Sai, as they offer pragmatic insights to drive a successful banking digital transformation. Tune in to get key insights on how to:

  • Accelerate your banking transformation journey with digital assurance.
  • Mitigate major transformation challenges related to operational efficiency, security & privacy, and digital sameness.
  • Understand the right metrics, right dashboard, & right correlations.
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