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Cigniti's Security Testing Assurance Services - Video Summary

Every 11 seconds, a business falls victim to a ransomware attack, highlighting the ever-growing need for robust application security. Cigniti understands this urgency, offering comprehensive end-to-end application security testing services that empower you to build and deploy secure, scalable, and future-ready software.

Leverage Cigniti's Comprehensive Toolkit To

Uncover vulnerabilities

Identify and eliminate security flaws across your web, mobile, network, and cloud applications with expert penetration testing and code assessments.

Minimize application risks

Access a dedicated Security Testing Center of Excellence with 100+ security experts and 50+ pre-built accelerators to streamline your security initiatives.

Benchmark & improve

Gain valuable insights into your software's security posture through comprehensive code quality analysis and secure coding practices.

Shift-left security

Integrate security testing seamlessly into your development lifecycle, adopting DevSecOps best practices for proactive threat prevention.

Proven results, real impact

Reduced vulnerability risks by 80% for the world's largest hotel chain.

Improved security maturity from level 0 to level 2 for various organizations.

75+ successful engagements delivering measurable security improvements for over 25 clients.

Beyond compliance, towards secure innovation!

Cigniti’s ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified processes ensure the highest security and quality standards. But we go beyond compliance. We partner with leading security vendors and foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement, helping you stay ahead of evolving threats and build security into the very fabric of your innovations.

Embrace Cigniti, embrace secure software. Visit today and Go Beyond with Safe Software