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We help companies continually experiment, use lean and agile principles to measure outcomes, learn from these experiments to identify new value propositions to customers, and implement end-to-end solutions to deliver Digital Outcomes.

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Problems We Solved with Digital Engineering Services

Reimagine Your Customer Value Propositions

Reimagine Your Customer Value Propositions

A confluence of forces is changing the context for organizations:

  • The connected world we live in
  • The datafication of everything
  • The opportunity of embracing cloud
  • The proliferation of IoT and mobile devices
  • The need for online security

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • List down the risks in your existing Digital implementations.
  • Help translate Business KPIs into Technology Roadmaps.
  • Review your state-of-the-art infrastructure to recommend Digital interventions.
  • Solve problems you have been struggling to solve, using emerging technologies.
  • Convert your ideas into minimum viable products that you can test the markets with.

Or, we can simply fast-track the work that you are already doing.

Product Engineering

Digital Experiences Across Discovery Channels

Realizing the full potential of an offering today is possible only if we meet the customer where they are. Building highly responsive, lightweight platforms across web and mobile needs review of architecture, identification and implementation of ML interventions, and most importantly, being nimble. This is what we help our customers with – enabling digital experiences using API-led, microservices based architectures.

Our services include:

  • Application Modernization
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Efficient and modern web app development

Client Success

Built a pioneering end-to-end online platform for delivering medicines in Australia. Mobile-first approach with web-based backend integration to pharmacies.

Built an ML-infused digital platform that recommends the right program, the very first time to at-risk youth. Huge improvement in program completion and no return to care.

Built a digital marketplace for the food processing industry in Singapore.

Transformed the customer experience of the UK’s first mobile-only bank.

Data Engineering & Insights

Strategy to Execution – Getting the Data Platform Right

All enterprises today are required to be data-driven. With abundance of data and proliferation of new tools, what remains critical is aligning the data strategy to business goals. The requirements, tools, processes and operations have to be well thought through. We can help you unlock the value of data, faster.

Our services include:

  • Architecture Design and Blueprints
  • Data Modernization
  • Implementing cloud native platforms

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Client Success

Rearchitecting Data Lake on Snowflake for a large North American bank.

Built a data lake with real-time change data capture for a multi-tenant application on AWS to deliver multiple reports to Operations

Built a data lake using AWS and Snowflake, collating data from multiple BFS data sources to assist decision making

Delivered marketing insights to an event management company through a data lake built using Snowflake, dbt & Fivetran.

Business Intelligence / Visualization

Unlocking the value of data through visualization

Instant on-demand report generation, ability to analyse the data through an analytics workbench are the steps towards truly democratising data. From being an “after-thought” to being the “front runner” in digital transformation, visualization has truly found its calling. We assist our customers with getting the business intelligence right.

Our services include:

  • Storytelling through data visualization
  • Reports and Dashboards Development
  • Tool Rationalization / Migration

Client Success

Built executive & operational dashboards on a Risk Management SaaS platform for airports and malls in ANZ.

Built executive & operational dashboards on patient data in Power BI for nurse-led clinics

Analyzed the campaign data of a fundraising organization through reports published in Looker

Analyzed the distribution of funds across units of a private equity firm that accessed standard accounting system data through Tableau

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Ideation to Productionization and Beyond, for Enterprise Grade AI

Both experience and efficiency can be positively impacted with AI/ML interventions that are done responsibly. This capability of AI/ML is no longer just a differentiator for an organization but is a critical cog in the wheel. Combined with right data & insights capability and RPA expertise, AI/ML is one area that is a slingshot for enterprises, especially for those that are geared towards rapid digital transformation. We provide our customers with the tools to make it happen through services that include:

  • AI/ML Use case identification
  • Model Implementation
  • Model Risk Assessment and Validation
  • MLOps

Framework for AI / ML Use Case Identification

Framework for AI / ML Use Case Identification

Gartner’s Risk Opportunity Appetite Return (ROAR) model provides a systematic approach that enables data and analytics leaders to align investments with business priorities, assess their true business value and guide investment decisions​.

Inspired by ROAR, our teams have put together a prioritization framework that helps surface the immediate use cases to focus on. The inputs for jump starting this framework will initially start with a consulting activity that will need technical discussions to understand the lay of the land and the availability of skill within the team to handle the ML use case under consideration along with business discussions mainly to understand the impact and business relevance.

Client Success

Built a solution to track and trace autobrazed coils for a leader in Climate Control for HVACR markets.

Achieved over 90% accuracy in diagnosing 13+ conditions from subjective doctor commentary & physical examination notes

Helped a bank validate credit risk model usage per Basel II, III and IFRS standards. MLOps integrated capability.

Recognized in multiple vascular surgery conferences globally for using 3D CNN for venous conditions and MRVs.


Build enterprise-grade decentralized applications and marketplaces. Create new business models with implicit trust built into the platform. We help you with:

  • POCs for establishing business value using Blockchain
  • Ideate new business models around Blockchain
  • Blockchain application development

Intelligent Automation - RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a powerful agent for automating manual processes and helping organizations free up their biggest asset – people. Functions that include repetitive, standardized, and transactional processes are ripe for RPA.

Our experience in working with a global clientele over the years has enabled us to understand the processes, identify gaps, and explore automation opportunities with clear definition of ROI to the business. A few areas we provide RPA expertise in are performing feasibility analysis, automation design & deployment, ongoing maintenance, and process re-imagination.

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