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Domain competency & CoE help improve customer experience for Travel & Hospitality sector

To be successful in the Travel & Hospitality industry, enterprises need to ensure that their clients enjoy an out of the world experience – beginning the moment they start researching and planning their vacation – whether they prefer to book for air-travel, hotels, restaurants, or a luxury cruise. However, this is easier said than done.

Any glitch in the system – whether related to inconvenient accessibility, operations, accommodation, amenities, or more – can negatively impact a T&H enterprise, including loss of brand name. Sentiment Analysis of the customers can play a critical role in improving the services for the travel & hospitality sector.

To provide a high-quality experience & build apps that are robust, compatible across devices, and built using the latest technology, enterprises need to shift-left in their testing processes and utilize proven accelerators & test automation frameworks.

Cigniti’s Domain Competency Group (DCG) of 450+ experts provide end-to-end testing for travel & hospitality-based digital apps (including e-commerce, digital platforms, departure control, passenger management, operations, fleet management, etc.) that enhance customer experience, while our Hospitality TCoE provides deep product testing for restaurant service areas including point of sale (POS) testing. Additionally, we have built multiple test accelerators for ERP, test automation, performance testing, and web services testing, which consist of a modular framework & pre-built, reusable, test assets, use cases, and business scenarios that help save cost, time, & efforts of testing.

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Travel & Hospitality Expertise & Benefits


Test Accelerators


Increase in Traffic with improved mobile UX


Travel & Hospitality clients


Travel & Hospitality DCG Testers with experience in e2e testing


Improvement in Operational Efficiency & in the overall reliability of the e2e internal system


Increase in conversion of Bookings due to effective testing of e-commerce platform

Travel & Hospitality Software Testing CoE

Cigniti has 450+ testers with experience in end-to-end testing in the Travel and Hospitality Industry. Our Test Architects, Domain SMEs, and Product Specialists are armed with our Next-Generation Software Testing Platform – Blueswan™, an Automation Center of Excellence, decision-enabling Dashboards with predictive capabilities, and multiple acceleration kits.

You can utilize Cigniti’s TCoE to perform a deep-down analysis of your software testing and test automation needs covering the entire Travel & Hospitality IT landscape in terms of Point of Sale (PoS) terminals, mid-office, and portal/supplier connectivity using CRM tools and apps, E-commerce, extranets/external databases, and integration services.

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