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How can a Domain Competency Group help enterprises?

Cigniti, powered by its Domain Competency Groups (DCGs), is a trusted Quality Engineering & strategic testing partner for leading global enterprises.

Cigniti’s DCG comprises specialists in automation, performance, security, and mobile testing. They have expertise and experience in testing the implementation, upgrades, migration and/or enhancements of different apps/products. Our domain knowledge, along with product & tool expertise, strengthens our testing service offerings and complements your engineering teams, while helping you reduce QA efforts & control cost.

Leveraging our Digital Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) and DCG, we have created ready-to-use Enterprise Test accelerators & solutions across different platforms to reduce testing efforts by over 70% and improve speed to market.

Majority of our testing professionals are domain experts with domain specific certifications along with being Certified Software Testing professionals with CSTE, ISTQB, & ISEB. We keep abreast with the latest trends and train our people to continuously improve on domain & industry-specific expertise for ensuring highest standards of quality.

Our Business Insights

  • #Digital Engineering

    Why Data Modernization is the Key to Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation

    Abstract Sourcing, interpreting, and consuming data is becoming a challenge for most enterprises. Are you willing to take the risk of falling behind competitors who can derive actionable insights from the data and deliver outcomes? Modernization of data promises to overturn this. This white paper addresses these challenges and advocates how a robust data modernization strategy can help not only derive a competitive advantage but also leverage the true power of collaboration.

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  • #Banking

    Leading Bank Reduced Credit-loss Rates & Enhanced Efficiency Through Credit Risk Model Validation

    Abstract A bank devised a framework to validate its credit risk model. It took time to validate the concept and comprehend its usage throughout the spectrum of consumers. With this, the validation requests grew and responses to backlogs spiked. Discover how Cigniti’s digital engineering and digital insights expertise helped chalk out an assessment strategy to identify potential gaps to streamline the credit risk model validation process. This reduced credit-loss rates, making significant efficiency gains.

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  • #All

    How to Build a Scalable Data Annotation Pipeline with Zastra

    Abstract Poorly processed data is cited as one of the major reasons that machine learning projects fail. Your training dataset's construction, formatting, and annotation all directly affect the model you develop. When trying to scale annotation pipelines, enterprises face substantial challenges. Read this white paper on how an active learning-based, end-to-end data curation and annotation platform - ZastraTM - can address these challenges.

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  • #All

    Data & Insights

    Abstract Today’s organizations lack in-house teams and technological expertise that are focused on preparing data and generating insights. The perceived cost of execution, complexity, dependence on deep-rooted legacy systems, the sheer volume of data, and lack of systems and processes make it difficult for organizations to achieve the right insights, thereby limiting their true potential. Read the brochure, to know how Cigniti can help you to make your decision-making process faster and more accurate by providing a full range of Data & Insights services.

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