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How can a Domain Competency Group help enterprises?

Cigniti, powered by its Domain Competency Groups (DCGs), is a trusted Quality Engineering & strategic testing partner for leading global enterprises.

Cigniti’s DCG comprises specialists in automation, performance, security, and mobile testing. They have expertise and experience in testing the implementation, upgrades, migration and/or enhancements of different apps/products. Our domain knowledge, along with product & tool expertise, strengthens our testing service offerings and complements your engineering teams, while helping you reduce QA efforts & control cost.

Leveraging our Digital Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) and DCG, we have created ready-to-use Enterprise Test accelerators & solutions across different platforms to reduce testing efforts by over 70% and improve speed to market.

Majority of our testing professionals are domain experts with domain specific certifications along with being Certified Software Testing professionals with CSTE, ISTQB, & ISEB. We keep abreast with the latest trends and train our people to continuously improve on domain & industry-specific expertise for ensuring highest standards of quality.

Our Business Insights

  • #Energy & Utilities

    Enhance Efficiency with Cloud Performance Testing Services

    Abstract A prominent utility provider faced challenges with client-facing applications, requiring assessing system capabilities under significant loads. Accommodating 50,000 concurrent users within an infrastructure reliant on SQL and IIS, the need for a robust yet cost-effective load-generation setup became paramount. Explore how Cigniti addressed these issues by implementing cloud-based load generation and optimizing performance testing services, enhancing response time by 30%, and boosting concurrent user scalability by 20%.

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  • #Application Modernization

    CIO's Guide to Application Modernization

    Abstract In today's competitive business environment, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) role extends beyond traditional technology oversight. This white paper explores Application Modernization—a critical initiative redefining organizational competitiveness. Tailored for CIOs, it offers strategic insights and practical methodologies to navigate this transformative journey, emphasizing its profound impact on culture, efficiency, and customer focus. Covering strategies from legacy assessment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing and DevOps, this guide equips CIOs with tools to drive digital maturity. Through real-world examples, it highlights benefits such as cost optimization and enhanced security, empowering CIOs to lead their organizations toward sustained growth in the digital age.

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  • #Energy & Utilities

    Achieve Application Optimization with Test Automation Services

    Abstract A prominent energy supplier faced significant hurdles in optimizing test automation for their GAS application. Challenges included the absence of a structured process, fluctuating requirements, limited QA resources, and an unstable testing environment. Explore how Cigniti addressed them by implementing its test automation framework, incorporating checklists, guidelines, best practices, and reusable templates. The result? A remarkable 60% improvement in automation coverage!

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  • #Insurance

    Reduce Defect Leakage with Quality Engineering Services

    Abstract Confronting the challenges of legacy systems, a leading insurance provider needed to elevate functionality and streamline operations. Embracing iterative testing with user stories, they aimed to enhance application features continuously. Discover how Cigniti mitigated these challenges by leveraging its expertise in Accessibility, Security, Performance, and Functional testing. Guided by user stories, explore how they identified gaps and continuously enhanced application features, achieving 88% in defect leakage.

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