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How can a Domain Competency Group help enterprises?

Cigniti, powered by its Domain Competency Groups (DCGs), is a trusted Quality Engineering & strategic testing partner for leading global enterprises.

Cigniti’s DCG comprises specialists in automation, performance, security, and mobile testing. They have expertise and experience in testing the implementation, upgrades, migration and/or enhancements of different apps/products. Our domain knowledge, along with product & tool expertise, strengthens our testing service offerings and complements your engineering teams, while helping you reduce QA efforts & control cost.

Leveraging our Digital Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) and DCG, we have created ready-to-use Enterprise Test accelerators & solutions across different platforms to reduce testing efforts by over 70% and improve speed to market.

Majority of our testing professionals are domain experts with domain specific certifications along with being Certified Software Testing professionals with CSTE, ISTQB, & ISEB. We keep abreast with the latest trends and train our people to continuously improve on domain & industry-specific expertise for ensuring highest standards of quality.

Our Business Insights

  • #Data & Insights

    Increase Transparency & Acceptance in AI with Explainable AI

    A White Paper on Explainable AI

    Abstract When bringing AI models into production, a business must first establish trust and confidence. A company may adopt a responsible approach to AI development with the help of Explainable AI or XAI. An AI model, its anticipated effect, and any potential biases are all described through explainable AI. This white paper sheds light on why Explainable AI is being hailed as an emerging field in ML and aims to address how black box decisions of AI systems are made. It will also discuss the industry-specific use cases of explainable AI and its other benefits in making AI more dependable and trustworthy.

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  • #DevOps

    DevOps Maturity Assessment Model

    A White Paper

    Abstract Though DevOps encourages faster, better, and more secure delivery of business value to customers, few issues can complicate the enterprise DevOps journey. Therefore, it’s imperative to assess progress at each stage and improve software delivery methods to ensure continuity. Is there a metric? How to track and improve the release process and automation? How to assess where they stand and where they are heading? This white paper answers all these questions and helps develop a DevOps maturity model to assess how to drive your enterprise up the curve.

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  • #Cloud Assurance

    IT Leaders Guide to Hybrid Cloud Automation

    Abstract Enterprises opt for a hybrid cloud as it enables businesses to leverage the benefits of public and private cloud infrastructure. Automating a hybrid cloud can help enterprises reduce operating costs while enhancing operational efficiency at the same time. This white paper sheds light on the best roadmap and factors to consider for automating a hybrid cloud. It will also discuss some challenges businesses might encounter while automating the hybrid cloud and the steps they can take to overcome them.

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  • #Test Data Management

    Why CIOs Must Focus on Test Data Management

    A Cigniti-Broadcom Joint Thought Leadership Initiative

    Abstract Testing cycles are getting smaller with the advent of Agile and DevOps. Creating quality data within that cycle, as well as performing software testing can become daunting. Test data management provides data subsets and synthetic data which reduces cost, time, and effort in the testing cycle, and a cost-efficient software deployment process. Read this joint white paper by Cigniti & Broadcom to know how CIOs can leverage test data management to overcome the challenges related to security, speed, and quality.

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