Business Model Transformation Helps Drive Sustainable Goals

Leverage Programmatic Innovation to stay resilient and achieve speed to market

Improvement in Digital Process Efficiency with End-to-End RPA Solution for a Leading Utilities Provider
Reduction in Down Time Post DevOps Fixes for a Leading Retail Tech Company
Reduction in Overall Costs with Mobile App for a Leading Airlines Equipment Solutions Provider
Increase in Traffic by Making Improvement in Usability of Mobile App for the World’s Largest Low-Cost Airline

Faster Time to Market Achieved by Automating Project Workflows for a Leading Healthcare Company

Businesses that have Failed to Innovate and Transform, Went into Oblivion

Change is the only constant in the ever-evolving business environment of today. Businesses that struggle to adapt to disruptive innovation and the speed of change often fail.

A renowned technology company that dominated the photographic film market during the 20th century failed to keep innovating and filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

A global leader in mobile phones overestimated the strength of its brand and decided to compete with Android, but was too late, as its products weren't competitive enough.

A leading player in the online advertising market neglected consumer trends and failed to develop a model to monetize content "views".

A large department store in the catalog shopping market found it challenging to adapt to the changing consumer tastes as the market shifted away from the general store model.

We help You move from the Era of disruption to the Era of customers

Era of Disruption

– Supply chain disruptions
– Pandemic outbreak
– Cybercrime
– IT failure/outage
– Trade wars and tariffs
– Economic sanctions
– Natural catastrophes
– Monetary policies
– Inflation
– Political instability
– War & terrorism
– Fire breakout

Era of Customers

– Drive a deep understanding of customer needs
– Exceed customer expectations
– Act with integrity and engender trust
– Create a frictionless process to minimize the effort
– Personalized to a segment of one
– Customers have more influence than before

We Help You Realize Your Business Transformation Goals

At Cigniti, we help you transform from ‘where you are today’ to ‘where you want to go’ by implementing our homegrown framework Programmatic Innovation and building resilience through Proactive QE™. We tie up the entire process of software development which allows us to provide a predictable outcome for the organizations that are engaged and working with us. We provide predictable outcomes to the end consumers with Integrity, Consistency, and Empathy as the driving force. On the pillars of which we help our customers build a digitally resilient enterprise.

Embracing Automation

We use our intelligent automation solutions to help you achieve your business goals, provide superior customer experience, and outpace your competitors. We do this by combining the agility and power of BPM, machine learning, and RPA.

Improving Experience

We work with our clients to utilize our deep expertise in agile software engineering and human-centric design to deliver the experience that users demand. The mature practice ensures a rapid evolution from ideation to prototyping to MVP and deployment.

Data-backed Decisions

We ensure the availability of the right data at the right time to generate both descriptive and predictive insights, that are required to frame problem statements and build a hypothesis that challenges past assumptions.

Business Model Shifts

We help our customers with strategic business model shifts. We employ our diverse stack of tools and accelerators in our business transformation services in a fit-for-purpose manner.

Programmatic Innovation

Blueprint to Digital-Led Business Transformation

The notion of an ‘intelligent organization’ is to be able to sense through feedback loops and bring it back into the business in a meaningful way and set up what is called Programmatic Innovation.

Programmatic Innovation is the key that positions an organization’s Tactics, Strategy, and Vision across transformation (as an outcome) and Innovation (the practice).

We Help Businesses Build Resilience through Proactive QE™

Programmatic Innovation in essence cultivates the ability for organizations to learn continuously from doing deliberately in this manner. The key to bringing Programmatic Innovation alive is to first have a sense of the Target Operating Model (TOM) to achieve and continuously integrate the organization into the process of innovation.

At Cigniti, we see Interoperability as the linking of culture, talent, business, IT, and the delivery model required to achieve this is called Proactive Quality Engineering (QE)™ .

Cigniti follows an infinity loop approach to achieve quality, speed, and agility to realize business outcomes. On the left circle of the loop we Design, Plan, Discover, Build, and Develop which is our Continuous Development and Continuous Testing and on the right circle of the loop, we have Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Monitoring.

Why Leverage Cigniti’s Business Model Transformation
Driven by Proactive QE™

We help enterprises in making key decisions about redesigning their business framework. We make this possible through a robust technological foundation of automation, experience design, data-driven decisions, and strategic thinking for a business model shift.

Bottom-up innovation – learning by doing

Ability to experiment and test new ideas/technologies

Creating both short-term and long-term opportunities

Building resilience in the operating model of digital technology

Bringing in empathy, consistency, predictability, and integrity

Need for longer-term reinvention


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Case Study

Proactive QE Powered Success of a Digital Banking Platform

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