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Our services have helped 5G network service providers achieve

A 74% test automation coverage with iNSta

80% Test Automation coverage and end-to-end test automation for their SD-WAN & UMSv2 apps.

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Embrace a live 5G standalone network, powered by Cigniti’s strategic partner – Innovate5G, for testing various network conditions and under full control of network parameters and key performance indicators.


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Cigniti’s 5G Assurance Service Portfolio

We help you accelerate your 5G transformation with services such as 5G Advisory and Ideation, 5G Quality and 5G Network Function Assurance, 5G Optimization, 5G Experience Assurance, and 5G Security Testing.

Cigniti 5G Assurance Service Portfolio

Embrace Certainty with Cigniti for Your 5G Transformation

With 5G getting increasingly adopted as the backbone of digital delivery, optimizing the possibilities across telehealth, adaptive manufacturing, AR/VR, gaming, consumer IoT services, connected vehicles, to name a few areas, a pivot to the 5G paradigm is critical for new solutions being rolled out.

Embracing this new horizon of transformation and realization of 5G networks – machine type communication (mMTC), enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), and ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) – creates the mandate for a new paradigm of digital assurance.

Cigniti’s 5G Assurance services enable you to leverage 5G for your business and consumer applications, IoT, and edge computing.

Cigniti’s LIVE 5G Experience Test Centre

Access a live 5G network for testing and validating the performance of your 5G applications. Utilize Cigniti’s 5G Assurance services to test and optimize the performance of your 5G apps and achieve seamless interaction between Mobile/IoT devices & applications, Edge applications, and a real 5G Network.

5G Test Centre

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