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Why Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)?

Classic IT Operations

IT operations is charged with keeping things running and stable, but without doing the important engineering work.

The barrier between the teams tends to increase with the growth of specialization in the company’s engineering organization.

System Administrator

System Administrator (SysAdmin) role was initially developed within the context of academic and research computing.

SysAdmins benefitted from the deep systems knowledge around the role as well as troubleshooting skills when something went wrong.

SRE Model

The SRE model restores the importance of engineering work that was lost in the operations phase.
Effective engagement with the development teams is fostered by ensuring that incentives are aligned.

SRE Model

SREs mainly focus on the operational characteristics of the applications that they participate in designing and supporting.

Deep-level systems knowledge may be called upon to achieve the goal of service reliability or in troubleshooting aberrant application behavior.

SRE Approach to IT Operations


SREs possess a specialized skillset where software engineers develop and contribute to the ongoing operation of systems in production along with contribution to project work.


SREs spend less than 50% of their time performing operational work to allow them to spend more time on improving infrastructure and task automation.


SREs treat operations like software engineering problems and automate tasks normally done by system administrators (such as deployments).


SREs design more reliable and operable service architectures from the ground up.

Cigniti’s SRE Focus Areas

Our SRE practices focus on bringing components of the greater system space into a

Measured State

Business Benefits that Cigniti Brings in with SRE Implementation

SRE implements DevOps where platform engineers build a self-service platform that removes the toil of shipping code for engineers.


A set of principles and culture that help to break down the silos between development and operations/ networking/security.

  • Reduce silos
  • Plan for failure
  • Small batch changes
  • Tooling & automation
  • Measure everything


A set of practices with an emphasis on strong engineering capabilities that implement the DevOps practices, and set a job role + team.

  • Reduce silos by shared ownership
  • Plan for failure using error budgets
  • Small batch changes with a focus on stability
  • Tooling & automation of manual tasks
  • Measure everything
  • Monitoring the right things

Platform Engineering

A set of practices with a strong emphasis on the self-service platform that engineers can use without explicit coordination.

  • Enablers who maintain a set of tools and workflows to ship code
  • An abstraction layer between engineers and IT infrastructure
  • Building SRE observability patterns/frameworks

Business Problems that We Solve for Our Customers with SRE

Cigniti Site Reliability Engineering Offerings

Cigniti Provides SRE services to accelerate product and application development for small to large organizations.

Infrastructure Automation
Engineering/DevOps Advisory
Pipeline Implementation
Container Software Engineering

Reasons Organizations Choose Cigniti for SRE Transformation

Our site reliability engineering helps organizations stay resilient in uncertain times and gather speed in their digital journeys.

Cultural Improvement

Boosted Automation

Proactive Troubleshooting

Better Customer Experinece

Accurate Metrics Reporting



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