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Validate customized Salesforce functionalities & integrations with other apps

Cigniti’s Salesforce testing and advisory services help enterprises validate their customized Salesforce functionalities and integrations with other enterprise apps. We support and personalize your core business needs for each of the business function that Salesforce has to offer. We specialize in multiple Salesforce Cloud services especially in Quality Testing and Enterprise Integration to improve your business growth, employee productivity and overall profitability. Our wide range of testing services cover all modules of Salesforce cloud applications including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud.

We also pioneer in creation of the test automation framework which genuinely help businesses strategize and achieve planned business outcomes. Our Salesforce Testing Center of Excellence (CoE) offers comprehensive life cycle testing services to help organizations successfully implement Salesforce.com or build Salesforce.com applications.

Our software testing services also cover 300+ pre-build and ready-to-use test accelerators and various components of Salesforce.com platform such as Configuration, Integration, Customization, and App Exchange components on Salesforce.

We also provide proprietary ERP test accelerators and pre-packaged testing kit that includes guidelines, templates, checklists, manual test cases, and automated test scripts for other leading ERP products. Read on to know more.

Cigniti Salesforce Performance Testing

Cigniti Salesforce Performance testing delivers end-to-end Salesforce Performance engineering services to conduct bottleneck analysis and benchmarking and calculate the quality attributes of the system, such as scalability, reliability, and eCommerce effective usage. This determines the Salesforce cloud application user experience, responsiveness, and stability under the various workloads.

We have platform expertise in Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Sales & Service Clouds, Salesforce Lightning, Apache Meter, Loadrunner, and both functional and performance testing for Financial Cloud applications.

Typical Salesforce user challenges addressed:

  • Unable to determine the transaction throughput of the load per estimates
  • Unable to meet desired response times on Salesforce standard/custom and lightning apps
  • Overwhelmed behavior of different web resources under high load

Salesforce performance test deliverables include:

  • Cloud-readiness assessment and Performance Test Plan to work with Salesforce Support
  • Validation and sandbox environments prior to execution in higher environments
  • Event Monitoring and retrieval of API reports
  • Performance Test Strategy & Execution Plan
  • Best Practices Guidelines based QA Checklists for all Performance scenarios
  • Plan for Scalability, Baselining Metrics, Load tests and more
  • Execution and Defect reports and Error Mitigation Strategy
  • Estimates for next phase and sync plans with upcoming releases

Benefit from the best automated functional testing solutions for Salesforce

As part of our efforts in designing the best automated functional testing solution for Salesforce, our experts:

  • Conduct cloud-readiness assessment and Tool evaluation before Salesforce implementation to support enterprise portfolio
  • Build automated suite of regression test to ensure that applications are developed rapidly and with high quality
  • Ensure consistency of data, map all integration sources, and identify potential roadblocks & bottlenecks as part of Integration testing
  • Conduct role-based testing to ensure compatibility with organizational profile policies
  • Perform cross-browser compatibility testing and API testing for integrated 3rd-party applications and Intranet web applications
  • Validate regulatory compliances
  • Carry best of professional integration experiences on Salesforce cloud platform and many middleware plugins and APIs.
  • Specialize in HTTP-based REST APIs, SOAP connectivity, and all forms of enterprise integrations
  • Have developed custom API connectors to achieve automation accuracy and continuous enhancements on the connectors to derive comprehensive data visibility and ease of access

Cigniti Salesforce Integration Services

  • We facilitate seamless connectivity between different touchpoints within your landscape, different systems, multiple devices, and other in-house/legacy programs.
  • Cigniti Salesforce Integration Solutions specialize in API-based Integration Services that empowers and enables you to integrate the right-fit apps which your business function needs to achieve.
  • Your apps can be based on a public or private cloud, we can help you connect, access and analyze the data and process as per your needs.
  • We also specialize in identifying the key bottlenecks and data chokepoints which inhibit the data transformation or data transfer leading to unintended outcomes and often end up losing valuable resource time and company costs.
  • Cigniti-driven integrations seek to streamline key data operations (Create/Update/Read) and collaborate efforts across multiple platforms while able to maintain interoperability and compatibility for future upgrades.

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Salesforce Testing CoE

Cigniti’s Salesforce Testing CoE team with of subject matter experts (SMEs) specialized in testing Salesforce and Force.com applications. Our testing experts possess strong functional, domain, and technical knowledge and bring the competencies to cover all facets required to test Salesforce.

Cigniti’s Salesforce Testing CoE team has built a repository of pre-built test accelerators including 300+ manual test cases and automated test scripts customized based on client requirements, well-defined test data management processes, and robust test automation framework for Salesforce. These include ready-to-use test accelerators for Accounts, Leads, Campaigns, Contacts, Opportunity, Quotes, Cases, Email Marketing, Email Journeys, Subscribers List, Sales Forecasting, Lightning Communities, Community Pages and Reports, and various components of Salesforce.com platform such as Configuration, Integration, Customization, App Exchange components on the Salesforce.

Our Salesforce testing experts can help you build and maintain a proven test strategy to ensure lasting success for your Salesforce implementation.

Some of the Key testing Services we offer are Functional, Unit, Regression, Governor Limit, Integration, Deployment, and Security. We also assist clients in performing User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Sandbox testing, UAT Support, and Production Testing.

IP-Led Hybrid Test Automation Framework

Cigniti’s proven IP-led Test Automation Framework for Salesforce encompasses 90+ function libraries to jumpstart testing during Salesforce implementation. Our Hybrid Test Automation Framework is customizable and built to deliver the agility that the clients require for their critical Salesforce CRM. The key features of Cigniti’s Test Automation Framework are:

  • A diverse, extended core Selenium/WebDriver engine which combines API & UI testing in a single test
  • Programming language-agnostic framework (C#, Java, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby etc.) that supports data and keyword-driven approaches to test automation
  • Built-in defect reporting, interface with database, web services, and messaging
  • Up to 40% improvement in Test automation productivity

IP-Led Salesforce Test Accelerator

Cigniti’s Salesforce testing services delivery model includes Functional Testing, Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Load Testing, & Security Testing services, which are backed by our IP-led Salesforce Test Accelerator & the expertise of our Salesforce testing professionals.

Our Salesforce Certified Administrators are well-versed with Agile and DevOps methodologies & helps accelerate your testing lifecycle.

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