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We Maximize Business Value and Enterprise Agility with Our Agile Practice and Transformation Framework

The Business Challenges of Agile Adoption

The cultural implications of agile transformation cannot and should not be underestimated or overlooked by any enterprise that is planning to go the agile way. As agile transformation essentially involves overturning of the traditional processes, the resistance from the people is expected.

The top challenges that enterprises face while adopting and scaling Agile practices are:

  • Not able to answer ‘why agile’
  • Lack of wider ‘buy-in’ – management sees Agile as a silver bullet
  • Team is not ready/resistant to change – failed Agile Implementations
  • Lack of collaboration within teams and with customers
  • Enterprise culture is still based on Waterfall
  • Attempting to go agile but with legacy command and control management

Addressed By Cigniti’s Depth and Breadth of Offerings

Our experts provide consulting services to help you achieve enterprise agility and extend agile benefits from projects to business lines.


Readiness and Maturity Assessment


Coaching and


Enterprise Agile


Enterprise Agility
through DevOps

Assess: Readiness and Maturity Assessment

Cigniti’s Agile Maturity Assessment Tool is a powerful agile assessment and growth tool designed for enterprises that are adopting and scaling agile and want visibility into the performance and health of their teams. The tool comprehensively helps to assess the maturity and capability of a team and the enterprise agile practices against the 10 Agile Principles and 5 maturity levels.
No Tangible Benefits
Ad-hoc Agile
Inconsistent and Unrepeatable practices. Success is dependent on individual. Basic Agile and Scrum Processes
Team level agility
Doing Agile
Roles, Events and Artifacts exist. Agile Adoption just started. Non-sync of Test & Development cadence.
Repeatable outcomes
Being Agile
Well defined repeatable processes / outcomes. Team practicing Agile nMaking consistent delivery sprint on sprint. Some Automation exists.
Platform Level Agility
Optimize Agile
Cross team dependencies are self-managed. Teams are self-managed. Release predictability is highest. High focus on Engineering maturity.
Business Agility
Scale Agile
Teams are able to manage product roadmaps on their own. Team has highest autonomy and motivation to deliver high quality releases.