Utilize a fully functional lab dedicated towards testing all sorts of
communication network and bandwidth related needs of the industry.

Challenges in the Communications Industry

Today’s Telecommunications industry is rife with numerous challenges and the ever changing trends that make disruption a priority in the arena. Some of the key trends and challenges are:

  • Costs of Management and Declining Topline: To manage costs effectively and to reap the benefits of the hard work, the Telecom industry needs to invest wisely in the IT industry. If the software and tools being used are properly tested and function seamlessly, managing this particular challenge will not really be difficult.
  • Proper infrastructure: As said above, a well-tested, fully functional framework that is adaptable, flexible, and reliable is the need of the hour for the telecom industry to flourish. An added challenge to the need of right infrastructure is the ever increasing base of subscribers to the multiple services being offered by the industry that span different tools, platforms, etc.
  • The Need to Stand Out: To outshine the competition, providing services that satisfy customers is a sure fire option. Using, and providing IT tools that fulfill these incessant demands and needs of customers therefore takes the prime spot towards helping build, and establish a brand.
  • New Services and Customer Retention: With the boom in the mobile communications industry, it is of paramount importance for organizations to keep churning out newer and better apps and services that do not have any functional snags. This is the only way to retain and increase their customer base.
  • Demands of Network Bandwidth and Capacity: More and more network operators are researching and providing offers for better network bandwidths. This, in essence, brings forth the need of stable and proper optical communication systems that not only scale the network efficiently, but also use lesser power.

Using the services of a well-established service provider can help ease out most of these obstacles in your road to success.

Our Testing Offerings for Communications Industry

Cigniti is focused on helping the Communications industry tackle the aforementioned challenges and invests and supports innovations and research for the same. It offers a fully functional lab dedicated towards testing all sorts of network and bandwidth related needs of the industry. Our integration and advisory services help understand the real underlying needs of your organization, thereby assessing how best to overcome the persistent challenges. Our processes have been established with a lot of expertise and experience in handling real-time issues, and prove a boon when overcoming similar challenges as they are reusable. Cigniti’s specific Service offerings for the communications domain can be divided in four categories:

  • Specialized: This category covers Test Management Office, DevOps, Revenue Assurance, Mobility, Bill to Bill, DW and BI Testing, User Experience, and QA Advisory, and IoT
  • Automation: This includes Automation as DevOps accelerator, Front End Applications, Batch & Back End as Usage Processing, Billing, End of Day, End of Cycle, SOAP & REST, and Web / e-Commerce
  • Non-Functional: This includes:
    • Performance Engineering including application level load, Integrated E2E, Stability, Client/smart Client stability, Stress/capacity, Volume, Negative testing
    • Security Testing
    • Production Readiness including Performance & Load testing on production HW, Disaster recovery for High Availability / Failover, Production start-up, and DB Backup / Restore)
    • Post Production Monitoring & Support / Special Events
  • Functional: This covers areas such as Assembly / product, Integration, E2E, UAT, and On-Going Support
Testing Offerings for Communications Industry
Our Domain Expertise spans the following communication channels:
Main Area of ExpertiseAdditional Area of Expertise
Wireless (Internet, mobility) & Wireline (Land Phone, TV)Call Centers
IoT (apple watch, connected home, connected cars, etc.)Self Service
SMB/Enterprises as portals for non-communications productsRetail (POS)
Media & EntertainmentCloud & Social
  • Cigniti provides in-house SMEs well versed in the arena of mature Agile & DevOps processes, and can ably support you in your journey of transformation to DevOps along with CI
  • If you want to be in the race of Signing off multiple / old legacy systems, Transformation to Cloud, Purchases and Acquisitions, or Quade Play (Mobile, Land line, TV (cable or over IP), Internet, etc.) and Super Play (IoT, entertainment) and want to win back revenue leakage to Over the Top Service Providers, we can provide the required support for a Phased Consolidation of Systems, and a seamless integrated customer experience, along with Transformation Testing including:
  • Customer Experience
  • Bill 2 Bill
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Automation of large scale Regression suits
  • Production readiness (mainly NFT) and
  • Mobility – Functional and NFT
  • If you are in need to speed up your execution cycles for faster time-to-market of improved services, we also support your transformation journey to DevOps and provide Automation as Accelerator.
  • To meet the Exponential Growth of IoT, IoT Testing (for example for connected cars) will play a very critical role. Our IoT CoE can cater to such needs in a very efficient manner.

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