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API Testing and Service Virtualization help reduce IT costs, optimize resources, promote Shift Left, & improve product quality

Our Cloud-Based Load Generation & Performance Testing Strategy Assured Concurrent User Scalability for a Leading Climate Control Solutions Provider

Our Cloud-Based Load Generation & Performance Testing Strategy Assured Concurrent User Scalability for a Leading Climate Control Solutions Provider

Energy & Utilities industry is focused on achieving twin objectives of scale and flexibility, by developing smart systems. A top-tier provider of home comfort systems needed a low-cost load generation environment to analyze base-line response time on concurrent usage.

Discover how Cigniti optimized response time by 30%, hardware performance by 25% & server performance and scalability by 20%.

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Service Virtualization Challenges and Cigniti’s Expertise

Service Virtualization helps enterprises implement continuous testing practices by providing continuous accessibility to simulated test environments. However, as with any innovation, implementing service virtualization has its own challenges such as incompatibility of 3rd-party components, conflict of operations, training requirements, storage and memory constraints, failure notification, and recoverability that need to be diligently solved.

Being an early adopter of Service Virtualization, API testing, Cloud testing, and DevOps, Cigniti has a dedicated Center of Excellence focused on developing technical assets and building best practices continuously. Our Service Virtualization practice enables enterprises to quickly simulate and easily manage test environments for bringing high-quality software to the market faster at significantly lower costs.

Cigniti’s test automation services help test the emulation & behavior of multiple API & Cloud-based apps, service-oriented architectures (SOA), and microservices, thereby making all applications under test (AUT) available for development & testing purposes.

Service Virtualization Tool Feasibility & ROI Analysis

With rich expertise in Service Virtualization tools such as CA LISA, IBM Green Hat, HP Service Virtualization, Tricentis, Soap UI, Parasoft Virtualize, as well as proprietary solutions and industry specific jumpstart kits, we offer an enterprise-wide Service Virtualization Adoption Strategy after performing a detailed assessment followed by Planning and Solutions. We assist you in Virtualization Tool Feasibility & ROI Analysis and deliver Virtual Services Development and Maintenance. Cigniti’s Service Virtualization testing plays a vital role in the following ways:

  • Reduces operational expenditures:
    Planned & methodological approach to service virtualization significantly reduces test environment setup & configuration time, simplifies test environment access, and ensures accelerated test cycles due to the elimination of interface dependencies.
  • Increases access to “trustworthy” test environments: We provide a complete test environment with a 24/7 access that brings you the flexibility of a platform for extending test scenarios, coverage, and more.
  • Reduces business risks to end-users: With Cigniti, you get more realistic tests & much better control over the quantity and quality of tests.

Test Automation for APIs

Adopting APIs as a channel for service delivery forces enterprises to streamline organizational processes. API Testing enables the developers to perform self-tests at lower costs & detect breaches that could be missed while other application tests are being conducted. Security tests are one of the most critical tests during API testing, which can assure a secure interface for your application. With a secure API your users can enjoy a safe UI application protected from online breaches. Hence, in order to make API testing flawless and more efficient, it is recommended to consider Test Automation frameworks and tools.

Cigniti’s Test Automation services for APIs eliminate any possible errors, detect defects early, and ensure quality through the application development cycle. However, Automated Testing is a strategic decision, which needs a scope of work and plan for execution. If performed without a plan, Automation can be chaotic.

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API Testing & Service Virtualization by QA Experts

Cigniti’s QA teams perform API tests to verify & validate the functionality and behavior of interfaces through automated request generations and then verifying corresponding published responses. Being experts in Service Virtualization testing, we test your applications faster, enabling faster integration and release. Our Service Virtualization validation services help in load testing of apps via multiple simulated connections, or performance testing of an application via simulated connections.

While market offers both commercial and open source tools that offer Service Virtualization & API testing solutions, having specialist testing service providers who can bring in the required expertise is key as it is not always about the tools. You need QA teams to have a detailed understanding of the underlying SOA principles & technologies and a transformation of QA practices is needed to maintain quality of service. QA teams specifically need to acquire new skills and new technologies.

Cigniti’s complete virtualization strategy offers greater ROI than just a partially-conceived SV by providing continuous testing, virtualization of test data, and network & automation of lab environments.

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Service Virtualization Implementation Approach

A well-defined virtualization implementation strategy & approach can resolve most challenges faced in implementing Service Virtualization.

Cigniti’s Service Virtualization implementation approach starts with analysing the technology stack, protocols, and the use cases for identifying potential virtualization targets, and then working on the tool licenses. We then design the service container architecture for high availability and rapid service provisioning across the enterprise along with developing the virtual services with XMLs/specification documents. Validation of the responses for the test cases is then performed using the XMLs provided.

Our expertise in developing detailed skeleton service models that address environment and availability challenges, developing generic service images, and deploying virtual service components that meet the request/response requirements makes us stand out. Our key enablers are our strong alliances and partnerships, an SOA Center of excellence, and BlueSwan, our next generation IP.

API & Service Virtualization Tools Expertise

  • Java Rest Assured – REST API Test Automation
  • Selenium with Serenity BDD – Web app UI automation
  • PACT tool for contract testing
  • ReadyAPI for SOAP verification
  • Locust with Python – API Load & Performance Test Automation
  • RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, MongoDB Java Client Libraries, Wiremock as mockserver

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