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Our expertise has helped global enterprises achieve

Seamless cloud migration and 100% test coverage for T24 on cloud

~50% automation coverage for a commercial lending platform on cloud

A cloud migration journey presents substantial implementation challenges

These risks can lower an organization’s ability to achieve critical business outcomes around flexibility, speed and agility (in terms of the number and frequency of workloads), cost optimization, customer experience etc.

Cigniti's Cloud Migration Assurance Offerings

Cigniti's Cloud Migration Assurance Offerings

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Cigniti has strategic partnerships with multiple leading Digital Services and Consulting firms which makes us well-positioned to deliver comprehensive and high-quality services across the cloud ecosystem.

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Accelerate your cloud migration journey with Cigniti's certified cloud professionals

At Cigniti, we help you provide fast, secure, and smooth cloud migration assurance (CMA) services of mainstream applications with certified cloud professionals. A deep understanding of large-scale migration projects allows Cigniti to propose an optimal test strategy based on the migration methodologies being followed. Our CMA services help you with:

Leverage Cigniti’s Cloud Migration Assurance Platform (CLAP)
based on our AI-driven IP, BlueSwan™

Cigniti’s Cloud Assurance Platform (CLAP) has been built on top of BlueSwan™ to provide comprehensive testing services across the migration lifecycle. The migration assurance platform is a differentiator which will help you gain access to value-added services across the migration lifecycle by accelerating automation.

Praxia-based Cloud Assurance Assessment and Transformation (CAAT) framework

Verita to provide visibility across the pipeline stages (CI/CT/CD)

Velocita to provide automated reusable test cases across multiple cloud platforms via iNSta

Security Compliance / Audit using an automated scanner to audit the configuration for vulnerabilities

Why Cigniti

Quality engineering DNA with broad testing capabilities.

Proven experience across cloud platforms with understanding of enterprise applications as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & IBM Cloud.

Deep understanding of various verticals, their business needs and processes.

Cigniti’s Cloud Assurance Platform (CLAP) leverages our proprietary & AI-driven QE platform, BlueSwan™ to deliver automated solutions.

We work with various cloud service providers across enterprise applications

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