The Cigniverse™: Touching our Lives & Beyond at Cigniti

World’s Leading AI & IP-led Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering Services Company

Sig-num :                                                            Cyg-nus
Verb: Latin; to mark, to sign –                       Noun: Latin; Swan
Synonyms: to indicate, to seal

World’s Leading AI & IP-led Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering Services Company

Cigniti Technologies is a global leader in providing AI-driven, IP-led strategic digital assurance, software quality engineering, software testing, automation and consulting services. The AI-led digital engineering services of Cigniti covers Data engineering services, Software product and Digital platform engineering, AI and ML engineering services and Blockchain development. Publicly listed in Bombay stock exchange, we are headquartered in Hyderabad, India, with our global offices spread across the USA, U.K., UAE, Australia, South Africa, Czech Republic, and Singapore. Our global headquarters are in Irving Texas.

As the frontrunners of technology advancement, we help leading global enterprises including Fortune 500 & Global 2000 across 23 countries leapfrog their digital transformation journey and propel them to expand their digital horizons.

We bring renewed focus and vigour with our digital thinking and work with digitally mature organizations – both laggards and natives – to accelerate their digital transformation journeys.

Our IP, next-gen quality engineering platform, BlueSwan™ accelerates the quality engineering initiatives of global companies with assured acceleration and outcomes. It helps assure digital next by predicting and preventing unanticipated application failures, thereby assisting our clients in accelerating their adoption of digital. Our work in progress Zastra™ platform democratises machine learning development and is an active learning enabled Computer Vision-based annotation platform with multiple use cases that can truly enable AI-led digital outcomes of credible, measurable impact for clients.

Our Logo

Our renewed brand identity is proof of our willingness to adapt and change to newer ways.

This new look is a well-thought manifestation of our unwavering drive for innovation, excellence, and growth. Our refreshed look is an elegant expression of our core values and customer-centric approach that we bring in each of our engagement. A few highlights of this changed look are:

  1. Letting go the tick mark: The iconic tick mark was a beautiful representation of our quality-first mindset, indicating our expertise in releasing high-quality software. To embrace the diversification of our offerings, expansion of our service portfolio, and increase in our delivery capabilities, the Cigniti tick mark has been let go of as we believe the quality-first mindset is deeply etched in our DNA forever and does not have to be necessarily, explicitly called out. We in fact stand for Quality.
  2. No tagline: Software Quality| Assured – an apt expression of what we brought to the table. Our new logo is free of any tagline as we march toward empowering overall digital transformation, rather than only software quality for our customers. Our Digital thinking and Digital manifesto backed by our vision help us promise and delivery value to our customers.
  3. Spectrum of colors: The basic blue, orange, and white have been complemented with a striking array of colors to showcase the vivacious, high-growth journey that we are on.
  4. Respecting the diversity: Cigniti is a strong family of close to 4000 people across the world. We believe in the beautiful unison of our diverse workforce that would be enabling this onward journey.

Our Vision

Cigniti is making a monumental pivot from being a pure-play Software Testing and Quality Engineering services only company to a full cycle Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering services company. With this move, at Cigniti, the world wide leader in AI and IP-Led Digital Assurance services, we are firming up our manifestation to evolve as a focused Digital Engineering services company as well without compromising on our foundational principle of being a Quality-First company, which will always continue to be in every facet of our business.

Our renewed vision of ‘Together, we build a better future through technology-led transformation’ is what will drive every Cignitian as a collective group to outperform themselves every day. Each strategic step that we have taken in the past few months, and the steps that we will be taking now & next are a step further to realize our vision.

Our Digital thinking and our Digital avatar are a reflection of our ability to Engineer, Assure, and thereby technologically Transform & accelerate outcomes for our clients, helping them achieve market leadership in their chosen lines of business.

Brand Toolkit

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