Sig-num :                                                            Cyg-nus
Verb: Latin; to mark, to sign –                       Noun: Latin; Swan
Synonyms: to indicate, to seal

Cigniti was named after these two Latin words. The name symbolizes our quest for the mythical swan’s ability to separate milk out of water, while leaving a mark of excellence.

Cigniti is World’s Premier Independent Software Testing Company, Publicly listed in Bombay stock exchange, with global headquarters in Irving Texas. From a three member team to a multimillion dollar company positioned across three continents, Cigniti leads the QA space with unparalleled growth.

Renowned for the global thought leadership in the industry, Cigniti draws expertise from over a decade of test engineering experience across verticals. The preferred destination of Career Testers, Cigniti is a growing team of people passionate about Software Testing.

Our resolution to build a better world with better software has manifested into IP led test solutions that are transforming the scope and engagement of Software QA across verticals. Testing at Cigniti is defined, measured, optimized and reviewed across all the stages of test life cycle to ensure the development of flawless software products and applications. Our market driven testing approach helps clients identify and eliminate redundancies in costs, infrastructure and processes while ensuring smoother and faster applications.

With a vision to be the World’s Largest and Most Respected Software Testing Company, Cigniti is equipped with precision guided modules that are driven by speed, skill and accuracy.

At Cigniti, we redefine Software testing.