Client Success Story

Satyadeep “Bobby” Patnaik
Chief Technology Officer


We evaluated more than twenty offshore software service providers across the globe. I was looking for firms with experience in relevant projects that we wanted to build. End-to-end data pipelines, AI/ML-driven application development, and expertise in AWS are some of the experiences we were looking for. The other criteria were the depth of experience of the management team. RoundSqr (part of Cigniti) faired at the top.

Data pipeline buildout, software development, Salesforce development, AWS system admin/DevOps, BI/Dashboarding. The execution has been very good.

I would recommend RoundSqr (part of Cigniti) gladly. The management team is impressive and always open to feedback and productive collaboration. They are thoughtful, involved, and always available. The two teams work very well with effective coordination and teamwork.

“Organizations that improve data utilization by 2025 will have a relative benefit of 400%
than the organizations that don’t.” – Gartner

Challenges Faced by Today’s Organizations

Organizations around the globe are on the hunt for generating the data, drawing right insights and provide impeccable dashboards for visualization. But, starting from getting the right data to communicating the results, organizations face the following challenges.

Data Engineering

  • Data integration from number of sources
  • The data may be too much to handle even for the big data platform
  • Support and Maintenance of the data pipelines
  • Performance and Scalability issues
  • Data quality, security, governance, and accessibility issues

Data Insights

  • Analysis Paralysis problem
  • Lack of proper understanding of Massive Data
  • Uncertainty of Data Management Landscape
  • Data Storage and fast retrieval

Data Visualization

  • Data density and credibility
  • Lack of better data visualization literacy
  • Navigating through the blind spots of data visualization
  • Spoon-feeding complex data in visuals
  • Human factors

How Cigniti Helps Address Your Data Challenges

Organizations today are designing paradoxical architecture patterns to cater to both “explore” and “exploit” needs of the data platform. Cigniti’s Data Engineering Services help you move from the traditional approach of data to a new age Data Services Thinking approach.

Cigniti’s Core Competency Areas

Service Offerings

Advisory and Consulting

  • Data Maturity Assessment
  • Tool Evaluation & Prototyping
  • Data strategy and Roadmap
  • AIML Strategy

Data Engineering

  • Back Log Preparation
  • Data Platform Modernization
  • Data Pipeline Enablement
  • Data Governance and Management
  • Data Migration
  • Data Ops

Data Visualization

  • Self Service Dashboards
  • Real time reporting
  • Large Volume data reporting


  • Data Annotation
  • Model Development
  • Model Validation
  • MLOps


An Accelerator for Data Annotation at Blazing Speed

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