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Market Adoption of DevSecOps

In cybersecurity, enterprises are systematically evaluated and classified based on four fundamental parameters: people, processes, technologies, and governance. These enterprises are of three types:

Type 1
(Basic Security)

A set of principles and culture that help to break down the silos between development and operations/ networking/security.

Type 2
(Proactive Security)

Organizations are actively evolving their practices, moving beyond traditional approaches (Type 1) yet still on the path toward advanced adoption (enhancing and standardizing continuous security practices without compromising velocity).

Type 3
(Continuous Security)

Organizations are advancing the boundaries of their existing practices, embracing technologies, and fostering a culture of Dev-Sec-Ops @Scale and continuous improvement.

The Engineering and Business Challenges of DevSecOps Adoption

Navigating through the complex DevSecOps landscape can come with its challenges, such as resistance towards change and organizational and technological roadblocks, some of which are as below:

Balancing Speed & Security

Skill &


Compliance & Regulations

Cigniti’s DevSecOps Consulting & Engineering Offerings

Advisory and Consulting

DevSecOps consultation services help businesses standardize and integrate security into their software ecosystem. Our experienced consultants assess your current security posture, formulate strategies, and design tailored DevSecOps frameworks. Emphasis is on cultural transformation, policy development, and establishing foundational security practices.

Advisory and Consulting

  • Application Architecture Assessment
  • Assessment + Advisory + Transformation
  • Scaleup Support

DevSecOps Engineering Services

DevSecOps Engineering Services help organizations to implement and maintain DevSecOps practices. Our team of experts helps design and build secure applications (involves designing, building, and optimizing the technical aspects of DevSecOps, including automated security testing, continuous monitoring, and toolchain integration.)

DevSecOps Engineering Services

  • Implementation of Framework - Rollout
  • Remediation Pods
  • Security by Design
  • Security Automation
  • OpSec (Operational Security)

DevSecOps as a Managed Service

End-to-end DevSecOps services include ongoing operational support for maintaining a secure development environment. Managed services ensure security practices remain up-to-date, compliant, and aligned with industry standards. Organizations can focus on development while the managed services take care of the day-to-day security operations.

DevSecOps as a Managed Service

  • Managed DevSecOps
    • Framework
    • Tooling
    • People
    • Governance

DevSecOps Differentiators & Benefits

Cigniti’s Secure DevOps Model

Do you worry about the following questions:

Is security ingrained into the design and architecture?

Is security integrated into your code?

Is security integrated into your pipelines?

Implementing Cigniti’s Secure DevOps Model ensures seamless security integration in every stage of your software development lifecycle. Enhancing the security posture and speeding the time to market with reliable and secure software, cultivating a culture of trust and innovation within your organization.









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