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In cybersecurity, enterprises are systematically evaluated and classified based on four fundamental parameters: people, processes, technologies, and governance. These enterprises are of three types:

Type 1

Compliance Guardians

Enterprises focused on DevOps, which aims to meet minimum requirements with a priority on compliance.

Type 2

Velocity Sentinels

Enterprises are aspiring to address DevSecOps to cover cyber risks.

Type 3

Security SaS

Security as a “Strategic” component, and enterprise resilience and adaptiveness are key.

Cigniti’s DevSecOps Offerings

DevSecOps Advisory and Consulting

DevSecOps Implementation

Service Offerings for Compliance Guardians

DevSecOps Consulting

  • DevSecOps Pipeline Standardization (Tools, Process, Tests)
  • Security Test Integration Assessments
  • Policy Compliance Assessment
  • Training and awareness (skill augmentation)

Security by Design

  • Security requirements
  • Threat Modeling

Security Automation & Orchestration

  • DevSecOps Pipeline Implementation
  • Static application security testing (SAST)
  • Dynamic application security testing (DAST)
  • Software composition analysis (SCA)
  • IDE Secure code analysis
  • Secrets scanning
  • Artifact Signing

Operations Security (OpSec)

  • Application Hardening
  • Environment Hardening
  • Infrastructure penetration testing (IPT)
  • Automated PKI life-cycle management
  • Vulnerability management (CVSS)
  • Compliance Scanning

Service Offerings for Velocity Sentinels

DevSecOps Consulting

  • Security procedures and documentation
  • Periodic training for Dev and Ops teams
  • Dedicated security coach for business-critical programs
  • Dev-Sec-Ops Dashboard Implementation

Security by Design

  • Semi-automated threat modeling
  • Attack Surface Analysis
  • Security requirements (business logic and workflows)
  • Dependency management (third-party services)
  • Hardened template for environments
  • API design
  • Software Build of Materials (SBOM)

Security Automation & Orchestration

  • Integration into the CI/CD pipeline
  • Interactive application testing (IAST)
  • Third-party software license scanning
  • Secrets scanning
  • Pre-commit hooks
  • Software signing (time-stamp signatures)
  • Automated artifact signing

Operations Security (OpSec)

  • Policy and audit automation
  • Production security monitoring
  • Automated false-positives detection
  • Centralized vulnerability management
  • Principle of least privilege (POLP)
  • Security playbooks
  • Infra configuration scans (IaC)
  • Containers scanning
  • Cloud configuration audit

Service Offerings for SaS

DevSecOps Consulting

  • Dedicated security coaches & champions in the value streams
  • Corporate cyber responsibility (CCR)
  • Tabletop exercises
  • Virtual CISO

Security by Design

  • Iterative threat-modeling and chaining
  • Threat model revisions based on new threats
  • Secure by default (default path for secure configurations)
  • Immutable Infrastructure
  • Mechanism to prevent insecure changes to the code repository
  • Dynamic secrets or secret-less process
  • Policy-as-Code

Security Automation & Orchestration

  • Gen-AI test case generation
  • Zero-touch security pipelines
  • Code flaw prediction
  • Platform/Technology specific pipelines
  • Feature-based penetration testing

Operations Security (OpSec)

  • User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
  • Chaos security engineering
  • Penetration Test Team Formulation/Attack and Defend Exercises (Red, Blue)
  • Automated detection and response/remediation
  • Automated Logging
  • Enterprise security dashboard

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