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Cigniti has been named a Winner of the People’s Choice Stevie®Award for Favorite New Products in the No Code / Low Code category.

Acceptance speech by Cigniti CEO Srikanth Chakkilam on receiving the esteemed Bronze Stevie® People’s Choice Stevie® awards for iNSta™

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Watts Humphrey

Cigniti’s IP BlueSwan™ has been recognized as a ‘Finalist’ at the coveted ‘Watts Humphrey Awards 2023’

Cigniti’s IP iNSta™ has been recognized as a Finalist in the India Testing Awards 2023

BlueSwan™ Cigniti's AI-led Next Gen Digital Assurance & Quality Engineering Platform

Organizations need to transform their business models to keep riding the digital wave. However, to become digital, they need to adopt Quality Engineering services. Powered by intelligence and automation, architected with customer experience at its center, and built for the Agile and DevOps environment, Quality Engineering services leverage deep domain expertise to customize solutions according to the industry and are focused towards achieving Quality@Speed.

Helps accelerate Quality Engineering for the Digital Enterprises globally by solving their test engineering problems as they try to align with the needs of digital transformation.

Assures impeccable software quality and helps clients deliver applications that are truly reliable, robust, scalable, and highly secure.

Fortifies our IP led quality engineering and software testing services and Domain centric approach for offering world class digital transformation to businesses across different verticals.

Components of BlueSwan™


Quality Engineering Platform and Dashboard with Predict Capabilities.


An AI-based intelligent no-scripting test automation (iNSta™) platform.


An App Experience Analyzer Tool that captures and predicts network and device performance along with the sentiment of the app user.


Cloud Migration Assurance Platform to ensure seamless and efficient cloud migration through comprehensive testing and automation.


Streamline and fortify the machine learning model validation process, ensuring swift and reliable assessments for AI-driven solutions, ultimately reducing time-to-market.


Test Automation Accelerator for desktop, web, mobile, COTS, ERP and Digital Applications.


Process accelerator platform to transform existing end-to-end SDLC practices by assessing processes, practices, tools, skills, and risks.


World’s first integrated test asset Migration platform consisting of QuickLean, Migrate2Selenium and M2TC tools to migrate HP QFT/UFT to LeanFT, Selenium and TestComplete respectively.

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How to Unlock the Transformative Power of Quality Engineering with BlueSwan™


Balancing Speed and Quality: Transforming Quality Engineering with BlueSwan™

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Quality Engineering Platform and Dashboard with Predict Capabilities.

Modern day QMOs, CIOs and Software teams face a plethora of challenges due to heterogeneous and disparate tools in the ALM ecosystem, lack of real time insights and analytics, and an inability to act decisively on the release readiness. Verita comes with the ability to analyze data and provide data from descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive viewpoints. It is a role-based system, catering to the needs of diverse stakeholders inside the enterprise with a holistic view of release readiness, lead time, test center of quality (TCoQ) and Quality. In essence, Verita drives business outcomes, improves predictability, accelerates transformation and promotes collaboration.

Drives Business Outcomes

Improves Predictability

Accelerates Transformation

Promotes Collaboration


Intelligent Scriptless Test Automation ( iNSta™)

Cigniti’s AI-based scriptless test automation platform – iNSta™ – enables building of production grade test automation suites. It provides a test design studio that aids reusable test asset development. It leverages AI technologies to provide an adaptive frame that supports automation artifacts to evolve in sync with the application under test (AUT). The test execution engine integrates with the latest CI/CD tools and cloud (Sauce Labs, Browser Stack) infrastructure to support continuous testing.

 iNSta™ helps you reduce cost of quality, & improve productivity, stability, & reliability.

Build Production-Grade Test Automation Suites with iNSta™, Instantly!


App Experience Analyzer Tool

Cigniti’s App Experience Analyzer Tool ‘Incight’ predicts not just the network and device performance, but also captures the sentiment of the app user allowing you to identify and make corrections to the app before the review ratings drop. Be at the top of your Customer Experience (CX) game by making your app the best in the market by:
  • Increasing Downloads
  • Receiving High Ratings
  • Providing Better CX
  • Decreasing App Crashes
  • Increasing App Adoption
Predict your app review ratings before they drop! Stay ahead of your customers’ experience with Incight.


Leverage Cigniti’s Cloud Migration Assurance Platform (CLAP) based on our AI-driven IP, BlueSwan™

Cigniti’s Cloud Assurance Platform (CLAP) has been built on top of BlueSwan™ to provide comprehensive testing services across the migration lifecycle. The migration assurance platform is a differentiator that will help you gain access to value-added services across the migration lifecycle by accelerating automation.

Praxia-based Cloud Assurance Assessment and Transformation (CAAT) framework

Verita to provide visibility across the pipeline stages (CI/CT/CD)

Velocita to provide automated, reusable test cases across multiple cloud platforms via iNSta

Security Compliance / Audit using an automated scanner to audit the configuration for vulnerabilities


An Automated assessment platform to expedite validation and enhance the robustness of AI models.

In the dynamic landscape of data-driven enterprises, teams worldwide are searching for excellence in machine learning. As models advance in sophistication, the intricacies of the validation process escalate. There’s a widespread need for a user-friendly validation platform to handle this crucial step efficiently.

Explore the Model Assurance Platform (MAP) within our IP, BlueSwan™. MAP seamlessly integrates with your existing ML pipelines, ensuring a frictionless transition for your team. It goes beyond standard validation by offering continuous model monitoring and tracking performance over time. MAP intelligently alerts your team for swift action in case of an unmet KPI. MAP is highly scalable; the most intricate models and extensive datasets are handled effortlessly. Secure the enduring reliability and efficacy of your machine-learning models with MAP.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

Enhanced Model Robustness

Compliance & Regulatory Adherence

Confidence in Decision-Making

Cost Optimization


Test Automation Accelerator for desktop, web, mobile, COTS, ERP and Digital Applications

Enterprises are grappling with an imminent need to reduce the time to market of business applications with increased quality. Test automation with assured return on investment is the key. Cigniti’s Velocita ensures that this becomes a reality. Velocita power packs and delivers automation, web services and performance test accelerators for mobile, web and desktop applications. In addition, Velocita delivers automation scripts, workflow processes, product accelerators, industry accelerators, digital accelerators, such as cross-browser test accelerator, for SAP, PeopleSoft, Guidewire, Oracle, and Salesforce.

Test Accelerator Kit

ERP Test Accelerator

Browser Compatibility Test Accelerator

Web Services Test Accelerator

Performance Test Accelerator

UFT to LeanFT


Process accelerator platform to transform testing practices by assessing processes, practices, tools, skills, and risks.

The current testing landscape is complex. Operating in waterfall, agile, and hybrid models, and utilizing tools, for a particular cycle time and dealing with the element of cost, testing today is multilayered and cross functional. Praxia is a process accelerator that helps in transforming our clients’ QA and Testing practices by assessing Processes, Practices, Tools, Skills, and Risks. Praxia implements 5 of Cigniti’s IP frameworks to accelerate the digital transformation journey of enterprises, namely, CLASS, ADePT, THRIVE, VERIFY, and BEST. Praxia delivers holistic solutions to problems, committed ROI, Outcome-based solutions, Culture and Change management, 200+ years of global consulting expertise, and Flexible engagement models.


Cesta is the world’s first integrated test asset migration platform, consisting of QuickLean, Migrate2Selenium, and M2TC.

Cesta, with 2 patents on Overall Test Tool Migration Pipeline (Patent no.: 10459829) & Smart Migration/Remediation Engine (Patent no. 10073768), offers holistic solutions to enterprises looking at migrating hundreds of old, as well as existing test scripts. It provides its expertise in the challenging migration journey and saves enterprises precious cost and time. Enterprises can leverage Cesta and enjoy 15X faster migration, 10X cost effectiveness, re-architected and highly modular code base, and a 90% reduction of eff­ort.