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Cigniti’s Advisory and Transformation Services help organizations understand and improve all QA focus areas – people, tools, and infrastructure across the delivery lifecycle. The Advisory Services help clients understand their QA maturity and identify gaps in their processes & practices. Cigniti’s Transformation Services help our clients embark on their QA transformation journey by implementing a very effective, efficient and metrics driven QA practice. Advisory Services aim at delivering value-added engagements and ensuring high performance of your software.

Test Advisory & Transformation Services - Cigniti

As part of our Advisory Services, we provide an implementation roadmap to help our clients improve time-to-market and cost of quality while keeping their organizational and business goals in mind. We use our proprietary Assessment Frameworks, based on industry best practices and standards, to assess clients’ testing maturity focusing on People, Processes, Tools, and Infrastructure. As part of our Transformation Services, we implement the roadmap designed during the advisory phase through enhanced process architecture and integrated tools, improved skill competency, metrics framework, and robust governance. We take a strategic approach to implementing these initiatives by aligning them to our clients’ long term business objectives and investments in order to provide sustained benefits and outcomes. An Implementation of ATS helps provide outcomes such as:

  • Better IT & business alignment
  • Improved agility & Test Coverage
  • Optimized resource and tools utilization
  • Committed ROI based on cost-benefit analysis
  • Reduced cost of Quality & Shorter time-to-market
  • Agile & DevOps transformations to support the changing needs of your business, with focus on excellent delivery and business-IT collaboration


Cigniti’s ATS portfolio can be grouped into two major service lines – Advisory and Transformation.

Advisory Services include:

  • Agile DevOps Advisory
  • Test Capability Advisory
  • Test Benchmark Advisory
  • Test Automation Advisory
  • Test Tools and Infrastructure Advisory

The Transformation Services include:

  • Practice CoE
  • Agile and DevOps Organization
  • Test Transformation Office
Advisory and Transformation Services Portfolio - Cigniti


With the client’s organizational and business goals in mind, Cigniti’s consultants take a comprehensive view of the existing processes & practices to identify the pain-points, gaps & the associated risks. The findings from this phase help the consultants design an implementation roadmap to help organizations improve their business value based on a number of parameters like improved agility, reduced time-to-market, optimized resource utilization & reduced cost of quality. The key takeaways of an Advisory engagement include – Assessment report & recommendations; and a detailed implementation roadmap on how to achieve the target maturity and testing capability. There are 5 key service offerings under the Advisory services:

Advisory Services - Cigniti
  • Agile and DevOps Advisory services are focused on helping clients identify key areas of improvement to align their Agile / DevOps processes to industry best practices by providing recommendations and roadmap to establish a high maturity Agile DevOps Organization.
  • Test Capability Advisory services help in assessing an organization’s QA function for inefficiencies and risks across People, Processes and Tools dimensions. It helps the clients to identify the key areas of improvement by using Cigniti’s proprietary assessment framework CLASS® – Capability, Agility, Scalability & Sustainability.
  • Test Benchmark Advisory services help clients assess their test processes and practices using industry benchmark data and model(s) like TMMI/TPI. Cigniti’s proprietary benchmarking framework, BeST®, helps ascertain a client’s current testing maturity level and provides a roadmap to transform to a higher level of maturity.
  • Test Automation Advisory services support clients in understanding the need of automation, assessing their test automation capabilities and the maturity of existing automation frameworks. It provides support to clients by conducting automation readiness & feasibility analysis, automation tool assessment and building a pragmatic roadmap to improve overall automation maturity with better ROI.
  • Test Tools Advisory service is a specialized offering to help organizations assess existing QA tools landscape, identify right tool/s and provide the strategy for rationalizing the investments and generating better ROI by optimizing tool utilization.

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Transformation Services help our clients achieve competitive advantage by supporting their transformation journey. As part of the Transformation Services, Cigniti’s consultants strategically implement the roadmap designed during the advisory phase by aligning them to our clients’ business objectives and investments, in order to provide sustained benefits & improved ROI. We use our proprietary framework and tools & industry best practices to implement improvement initiatives which complement the clients’ in-house processes, in order to ensure the best possible outcomes, like enhanced processes, effective Target Operating model, integrated tool set, improved skills competency, comprehensive metrics framework, and a robust governance. A typical transformation engagement spans anywhere between 6 – 18 months based on the scope / readiness of the organization. There are 3 key service offerings under the Transformation services:

Transformation Services - Cigniti

Practice CoE: Cigniti’s Advisory & Transformation Services team offers a specialized service to help organizations set up a Practice CoE. A Practice CoE is a hybrid model which combines the principles of TCoE & Agile DevOps organization. It is built on the best practices and frameworks like Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) & LEAN and ensures that Testing is an integrated part of the delivery chain.

Agile DevOps Organization: Agile DevOps Organization helps organizations move from their existing setup to a high-maturity Agile DevOps Organization. It helps organizations decrease IT operational costs while improving software quality and speeding up time to market. Cigniti’s ATS consultants help in setting up multiple tracks like Governance, Process, Metrics framework, Collaboration, DevOps tools-chain automation & trainings to improve the agility & accelerate the deployments.

Test Transformation Office: A Test Transformation Office (TTO) is a light-weight, low risk, and centralized initiative [similar to a PMO] which establishes and governs an enterprise-wide QA strategy. This also acts a launch pad for driving the test improvements across different teams, lines of business, and vendor services.  The TTO ensures that the projects within its scope are delivered against agreed business criteria, and embed good test management processes.


  • Cigniti ATS aims to deliver on 5 major proponents of any successful QA Transformation, which are Good Team, Broad Experience, Great Methodologies, Existing Process Assets, and Transformational IP Assets
  • Cigniti test consultants are certified in TMMi, SAFe, CSM, PMP, etc. and have expertise in industry leading testing tools along with hands-on experience in various types of testing across all phases of STLC
  • With over 40+ global transformation engagements and 350+ best practices and recommendations, Cigniti has Consulting footprint across the globe and Broad Experience in various domains such as BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, and Legal.
  • Cigniti follows some of the best in class methodologies and focuses on outcome-based delivery, institutionalizing metrics and measurement, clear and transparent governance approach and SLA-driven services delivery model
  • With over 400+ Existing Process Assets conforming to CMMi, TMMi, ISO and other standards and 150 risk points assessment, our test accelerators and frameworks developed in-house have enabled assessment and transformation for many organizations
  • Cigniti has some of the best Transformational IP Assets such as THRIVE – Proprietary framework used to measure Value, Velocity, and Visibility across delivery pipeline using automated tool platform, ADePT – Agile DevOps Enterprise Transformation Framework, CLASS – Capability, Agility, Scalability and Sustainability Rating model, BeST – Benchmark and Services Transformation framework and VERIFY – A comprehensive vendor management framework


Cigniti has forged strategic partnerships with various testing tool vendors which help us offer additional value to our clients. Our partnerships with tool vendors like HP, Smartbear, Neotys, TestPlant and QASymphony enable the customers to choose the right tools based on their requirement and budget.

Experitest - Cigniti Partner
Tricentis - Cigniti Partner
SauceLabs - Cigniti Partner
SmartBear - Cigniti Partner
HP - Cigniti Partner


“Cigniti has executed many test advisory and transformation engagements across domains. Our customized ATS solutions based on the client’s requirements help them realize quick QA transformation benefits. We not only understand the needs of our clients but of their customers as well. Below is the partial list of our clients who trust us for their QA transformation needs.

Synovus - Cigniti Client
Purolator - Cigniti Client
Signiant - Cigniti Client
Zurich - Cigniti Client
Synovus Bank - Cigniti Client

“Companies are trying to build better software faster to support digital acceleration/digital transformations, and that makes testing a first-class citizen in the realm of digital”

— Diego Lo Giudice, VP and principal analyst at Forrester Research.