Building Bridges, Embracing Togetherness

We are Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Cigniti is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of intentional diversity, where every member is valued for their unique qualities and contributions. We are committed to create an inclusive workplace where every employee feels valued, respected, and supported, and where diversity is celebrated as a strength.

Empowering all Voices


Cigniti’s workforce constitutes 33% women across all levels

Employees with Special Abilities

Workplace accessibility is a fundamental aspect of Cigniti's ecosystem

Diverse/Multi-Cultural Workforce

People representing multiple cultures hold leading roles at Cigniti


We support employees in transition and conduct inclusivity training for all

Age Diverse Workforce

Embracing intergenerational workforce to bring unique perspectives to the table

DE & I Council

Cigniti’s DE & I commitment extends to the larger communities

Our Commitment

Inclusion is the key

With a global workforce of 4200+ individuals representing various genders, ethnicities, orientations, backgrounds, and personalities, Cigniti values and celebrates diversity. Our dedication lies in promoting a workplace and society that embraces diversity and inclusivity. We firmly stand against any form of discrimination in our employment and recruitment procedures based on any factor.

We live by our code of business conduct and ethics

We believe in leading by example with strong character and ethical behavior in all that we do. Our actions and words build trust with colleagues, clients, and all the stakeholders, protecting our brand and reputation. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics holds everyone accountable for behavior, both in and outside of the office.

We stand against discrimination – within & beyond office walls

Cigniti stands against any and every kind of discrimination, as a company and as an organization of individuals who believe in diversity and harmony. We have a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination worldwide. We welcome your feedback and input, as we believe that we all have a responsibility to contribute to the creation of a more inclusive world.

Leadership speaks

Leadership speaks


Panel Discussion

Fostering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) for a Better Workplace

Conversations to Embrace Tomorrow herDIGITALstory™ Chapter Four

Salute to Loyalty

Honors Women Leaders Enduring Commitment

Meet our People

Transforming Digital, Enabling
Diversity - Cigniti Celebrates Women in Tech

Cigniti is committed to creating an equitable and gender-neutral workplace and has positively impacted women from multiple spheres of life through its outreach program. The initiatives are designed to benefit women professionals in Tech/D&I, as well as those aspiring to become professionals, and women from underprivileged backgrounds who require essential healthcare facilities.

Women in Tech Roundtable’s 2nd edition discusses “DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality” with senior thought leaders from global companies.
Conversations to Embrace Tomorrow – a community of practice for women in emerging technologies

Upskilling technical program for 100 underprivileged young girls from a rural background

Enabling essential healthcare facilities at the Gynae ward in a cancer hospital

Rewards and Recognition

Let's work together to create positive change