Digital ARMER

Shaping a Safer Enterprise

What is Digital ARMER?

McKinsey states, “Cyberattacks are on track to cause $10.5 trillion a year in damage by 2025. That’s a 300 percent increase from 2015 levels.

Aligned with the need and vision, Cigniti proudly launches Digital ARMER: Shaping Safer Enterprises – an annual initiative to observe the CyberSecurity Awareness Month – October, to establish thought leadership, drive engagement, and increase awareness in the Cybersecurity space/community.

The Agenda for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Digital ARMER: Shaping Safer Enterprises is a month-long celebration of innovation, insights, Thought Leadership, and empowerment of organizations.
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Building Resilient Digital Systems Through Chaos Engineering
Thu Oct 12, 2023 | 11 AM ET | 4 PM UK


Featuring Michael Tayo, AVP, US Bank. Hosted by Rajesh Sarangapani, EVP, Head of Innovation, Cigniti - 27 Oct.

HerDigitalStory (hDs)™

Edition 3
Fri Nov 03, 2023
For Cignitians

Digital ARMER Awards

Honoring the security champions

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Shaping Safer Enterprises

Pitch Talk by Partners

With Irius Risk Team on Oct 25, 2023

Expert Talk

Jagdish Ravulapalli, CIO, Cigniti – 5th October.
Raja Sekhar Jilla, Process Excellence Team, Cigniti – 11th October.
Ketan Sirigiri, Security CoE, Cigniti – 18th October.

Fireside Chat

SEC TONIC (Threats, Opportunities, Negatives, Impact & Considerations)
- Rajesh Sarangapani
(EVP & Head of Innovation)
- Chakri Devarakonda
(SVP-Offering Management)
on 16th November. 7:30 PM IST.

Analyst Recognitions

Leader in Overall Quality Engineering, AI & Cognitive Testing, Continuous Testing & Application Security Testing High Achiever in Cloud Migration Testing capabilities, 2022.

Cigniti is positioned as a Leader in the Quality Engineering (QE) Specialist Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023.

Practitioners Corner

Cigniti Leadership on Security

Digital Insights


Digital Resiliency & Security Assurance Expertise


Securing the Future: Navigating Risks with Large Language Models (LLMs)

Case Study

Financial Application Security Testing for US Automobile Financing Firm

White Paper

Cybersecurity & Cybersafety for Medical Devices

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Why This Assessment Matters

In a world where digital threats are constantly evolving, understanding your organization’s cybersecurity posture is paramount. Your proactive approach to cybersecurity isn’t just an investment in security; it’s an investment in the longevity and success of your digital journey. Our comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment equips you with a high-level risk assessment, allowing you to protect & prioritize your security efforts. It empowers you to uncover security gaps, re-prioritize your security initiatives, and map your external attack surface to know your vulnerabilities.

What’s in it for you

Our expert team will help you with

Red Teaming Lite

Uncover Security Gaps
Identify and exploit high and critical vulnerabilities, evaluate security controls, and assess your incident detection and response teams' readiness.

High-Level Risk Assessment

Prioritize Your Security
Identify and prioritize security risks, enabling effective resource allocation to mitigate critical threats.

External Attack Surface Mapping

Know Your Vulnerabilities
We identify and catalog potential entry points and vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure.

We thank you for your engagement with us over the years. By offering this Vulnerability Assessment and Red Teaming Lite as a complimentary service, we aim to enhance your digital resilience, building upon the trust you’ve placed in us.

Digital ARMER

Digital ARMER Awards

Digital ARMER

Spot Quiz

Digital ARMER

Pitch Talk by Partners

Digital ARMER

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