Achieve "Quality at Speed" with iNSTa™: An AI-Powered Scriptless Test Automation Platform

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iNSTa™ - Video Summary

In today’s competitive market, businesses must deliver high-quality software rapidly. Test automation is a powerful tool for accelerating time to market and ensuring quality. However, traditional automation approaches often face limitations, require extensive coding, struggle with scaling, and fail to deliver on ROI.
Introducing iNSTa™, the game-changer in test automation. Cigniti’s AI-powered, low-code/no-code platform streamlines your testing process, freeing you from time-consuming coding and manual maintenance.

Here's how iNSTa™ empowers you to achieve "Quality at Speed"

Effortless Automation

Build robust test cases with no code/low code. iNSTa's intuitive interface and pre-built components make automation accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise.

Intelligent Self-Healing

No more struggling with outdated tests! iNSTa's AI automatically adapts to changes in your application, ensuring your test suite remains relevant and reliable.

Save Time and Resources

Option to execute existing automation frameworks across browsers, devices, and platforms. Save time and resources while maximizing the value of your automation efforts.

Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI/CD) Ready

Seamlessly integrate iNSTa™ into your CI/CD pipeline for automated testing throughout the development lifecycle. Deliver quality faster and with greater confidence.

Evolve with Your Needs

iNSTa's AI learns and adapts alongside your application, constantly optimizing your test suite for maximum effectiveness. Stay ahead of the curve and always ensure consistent quality.

If you’re ready to take your software testing efforts to the next level, iNSTa™ is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Our cutting-edge technology helps enterprises slash test execution times by up to 44% and reduces manual effort to 30%. With iNSTa™, you’ll experience the power of “Quality at Speed” like never before. Request a demo today and discover how iNSTa™ can unlock your test automation potential!