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Fireside chat featuring Gremlin & a Custodian Bank

Building Resilient Digital Systems Through Chaos Engineering

Thu Oct 12, 2023    11 AM ET | 4 PM UK


Meet The Experts

Suraj Parasuram

Dan Muret


Rajesh Sarangapani

EVP & Head of Innovation, Cigniti

Rajesh is Head of Innovation & Technology CoEs at Cigniti. He has been the architect for Cigniti’s Next Gen quality engineering platform BlueswanTM and also holds multiple patents in the quality engineering space. Over a career span of 25 years, Rajesh has been evangelizing quality “centric” approaches to build quality by design, thereby helping clients deliver exceptional IT and business outcomes.

Rajesh Sarangapani


Sairam Vedam

Chief Marketing Officer at Cigniti

Sairam oversees the planning and execution of the organization’s strategic marketing programs, develops the long-term charter towards our digital play, and helps enhance Cigniti’s mindshare as a preferred services provider and thought leader amongst our customers, partners, analysts, media, investors, influencers and employees. He is an award-winning, global marketing, branding, corporate strategy, and digital engineering industry thought leader. Sairam brings over 23 years of experience with a deep understanding of technologies, solutions, and IP-led solutions. He was recognized and awarded by BBC Knowledge Series, CMO Asia, World Marketing Congress, and Enterprise IT, Paul Writer from 2014-2021 for demonstrating impactful global marketing leadership consistently and was an external advisor with Bain & Company.

Sairam was earlier the global CMO at Innominds, where he successfully re-positioned the brand from being an ISV-centric product engineering services player to a platform-led AI-first enterprise-focused digital engineering and transformation services provider. Prior to Innominds, he was the global CMO of, a market leader in the enterprise conversational AI platform space. Prior to, in his first stint at Cigniti from 2021-17, he held the role of VP and Global Head of Marketing and Inside Sales. Prior to this, he held senior roles at Pramati, Imaginea (acquired by Accenture) Apere (acquired by Citrix), CTO’s office at CA Technologies, and HCL Technologies.

Sairam Vedam

Why Should You Attend This Fireside Chat?

Why Should You Watch This Fireside Chat?

Chaos Engineering is a vital practice for enhancing system reliability by proactively identifying weaknesses in distributed systems. However, it poses several challenges, including potential service disruptions, security concerns, and the need for careful planning.

To address these challenges, practitioners employ controlled chaos experiments, extensive monitoring, and rigorous testing to simulate real-world failures in a controlled environment. By iteratively refining systems based on these findings, organizations can bolster their resilience and deliver more robust services to users while minimizing the impact of unexpected failures.

In this Digital Dialogue Fireside Chat, the panelists will delve upon –

  1. How to identify and address potential points of failure before they impact customers, enhancing overall system reliability.
  2. Discovering methods for ensuring minimal disruption to end-users during chaos experiments, building trust and confidence in your digital services.
  3. How to integrate chaos engineering into your development pipeline, enabling consistent, automated testing for large, distributed systems.
  4. Benefitting from real-world examples and case studies showcasing how organizations successfully implement chaos engineering to enhance system resilience.

Embrace controlled chaos, cultivate resilience, and join our Chaos Engineering Fireside Chat conversation.