Meet The Experts

Andy Sturrock
Andy Sturrock Chief Technology Officer
Atom Bank
Simon Dawson
Simon Dawson Head of Engineering
Atom Bank
Raghuram Krovvidy
Raghuram Krovvidy Chief Delivery Officer
 Sairam Vedam
Sairam Vedam Chief Marketing Officer

Why Should You Watch This Fireside Chat?

In the dynamic landscape of the modern workplace, the future is undeniably shaped by technology, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking center stage. This fireside chat delves into the transformative power of Intelligent Automation, exploring how it redefines workflows and processes. From streamlining routine tasks to enabling predictive analytics, AI emerges as the catalyst for enhanced productivity, offering organizations a competitive edge in an increasingly digital world.
The convergence of intelligent automation, digital employee experience, and AI is creating a new workplace paradigm that is more efficient, effective, and engaging. In the new workplace, workers are empowered to do their best work by being freed from repetitive tasks and having access to the tools and technologies they need to be successful.

In this Digital Dialogue Fireside Chat, the panelists will delve upon

Intelligent Automation’s impact on workflow efficiency

Enhancing productivity through AI-Infused digital workplace tools

Digital Employee Experiences

Intelligent Automation in addressing regulatory challenges

AI’s Role in reshaping the digital workflows & harnessing AI for continuous innovation

Future-Proofing Strategies for Digital-First Experiences

Adapting to the Evolving Technological Landscape to Improve Productivity