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Digital Dialogues – Webinar Series

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ModelOps, ML Validation & ML Assurance: The Next Frontiers of AI-led Digital Assurance

Thu Sep 15, 2022     11 AM EDT | 4 PM UK

Meet The Experts

Srinivas Atreya

Chief Data Scientist at RoundSqr (Part of Cigniti)  

Srini is the quintessential data geek, with an innate ability to solve business problems using insights from data. He has over 23 years as an Analytics / Information Management practitioner across the US, UK and India, in the diverse roles of an Engineer, Architect, Data Analyst & Data Scientist.

Technology Consulting, specifically in the areas of Data and Artificial Intelligence, including current state assessment, industry benchmarking and roadmap definition, is something Srini excels at.

Srini has held P&L responsibility for the Data Science practice for a Fortune500 company. Throughout most of his career, he helped establish Centers of Excellence for AI / ML for many clients.

Srini is also a start-up expert. He has built multiple products within these start-ups, successfully generating funding and revenues.

He has hands-on technology skills in Convolutional Neural Networks (including R-CNN and Mask-R-CNNs), using Deep Learning frameworks (TensorFlow, Torch…), LSTM for temporal classification, RASA NLU and RASA Core with Spacy for NLU and NLP, OpenCV with Python and C++.

Srinivas Atreya

Kiran Kuchimanchi

Chief Executive Officer at RoundSqr (Part of Cigniti)

A rounded professional, Kiran has an excellent grasp of strategy, execution, technology, and people. He has the unique ability to stitch all these together in every situation to bring about the best outcome for all stakeholders.

Kiran has been instrumental in discovering opportunities (an idea, a customer relationship, a team, a platform play…) and then untiringly pursuing it to success. A key strength, as he travels the world helping customers succeed.

A passionate coder (!), Kiran was responsible for Global Delivery, with a team of over 4000 people. He created a highly engaged team, with utilization over 90%, attrition below 4% and client NPS at 74!

Over the last 4 years, Kiran has been instrumental in creating the Digital strategy, setting up a Digital practice, establishing the Digital culture/buzz, and generating Digital revenue for clients.

Kiran Kuchimanchi

Sairam Vedam

Chief Marketing Officer at Cigniti

Sairam oversees the planning and execution of the organization’s strategic marketing programs, develops the long-term charter towards our digital play, and helps enhance Cigniti’s mindshare as a preferred services provider and thought leader amongst our customers, partners, analysts, media, investors, influencers and employees. He is an award-winning, global marketing, branding, corporate strategy and digital engineering industry thought leader. Sairam brings over 23 years of experience with a deep understanding of technologies, solutions and IP-led solutions. He was recognized and awarded by BBC Knowledge Series, CMO Asia, World Marketing Congress and Enterprise IT, Paul Writer from 2014-2021 for demonstrating impactful global marketing leadership consistently and was an external advisor with Bain & Company.

Sairam was earlier the global CMO at Innominds, where he successfully re-positioned the brand from being an ISV-centric product engineering services player to a platform-led AI-first enterprise focused digital engineering and transformation services provider. Prior to Innominds, he was the global CMO of, a market leader in enterprise conversational AI platform space. Prior to, in his first stint at Cigniti from 2021-17, he held the role of VP and Global Head of Marketing and Inside Sales. Prior to this he has held senior roles at Pramati, Imaginea (acquired by Accenture) Apere (acquired by Citrix), CTO’s office at CA Technologies and HCL Technologies.

Sairam Vedam

Why Should You Watch The Fireside Chat?

This webinar is for you if you are looking to:

  • Know how ML Assurance is accelerating the digital transformation of leading organizations
  • Assess the maturity of your AI/ML initiatives including their ability to predict models and identify data leakages or biases to enable true digital transformation
  • Strengthen your ML initiatives with actionable insights and success stories from thought leaders

Join Srinivas, Kiran, and Sai as they share insights on the best practices of ModelOps, ML Validation, and ML Assurance. Gain from their pragmatic experiences in digital to learn you can navigate the next frontier of AI-led Digital Assurance and accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Who should watch?

IT, QA, and Digital leaders across industries and regions who are looking to stay ahead by accelerating their digital transformation journeys.