Conquer Data Annotation Challenges & Accelerate AI Development with Zastra™


Zastra™ Video Summary

Are you tired of data bottlenecks hampering your AI projects? You’re not alone. 85% of AI initiatives fail due to data challenges, with 80% of the time spent by data scientists going into finding the correct data rather than building models. Accurate, high-volume annotations are crucial for the success of AI projects, especially computer vision projects, but traditional methods of data annotations are slow and inefficient.

Introducing Zastra™, Cigniti’s game-changing data curation and annotation platform. Leveraging cutting-edge active learning methods, Zastra™ intelligently selects the most impactful data points for annotation, slashing your effort by up to 70%. This translates to faster model development, improved accuracy, and reduced reliance on human

Zastra's Benefits Go Beyond Speed

  • Enhanced Quality: Achieve high-quality detection, classification, and segmentation of image and video datasets, leading to more robust and reliable AI models.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: Work seamlessly with your team on a unified platform, boosting communication and efficiency throughout the AI lifecycle.
  • Business Focus: Free your data scientists to focus on impactful use cases that drive real business value.
  • Data Clarity: Resolve ambiguity in your data and build robust pipelines for secure and reliable AI implementation.
  • Versatility: Train and deploy your models across diverse industries, from healthcare and manufacturing to food safety and energy.

Zastra™ empowers companies in various sectors to unlock the true potential of AI. From detecting lung abnormalities in chest X-rays to identifying defects in wind turbines, Zastra™ makes a real difference.

Ready to unlock the power of your data? Talk to our experts today and learn how Zastra™ can revolutionize your AI journey.