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AI in Clinical Practice: Generating Insights for Disease Understanding & Evaluation

Fri Mar 05, 2021 | 5:00 PM IST

Why Should You Watch The Webinar?

Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning are some of the key technologies spearheading the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is bringing a paradigm shift to the medical field, powered by the increasing availability of medical data and rapid progress of analytics techniques. The major areas of applications include early detection and diagnosis, treatment, outcome prediction, and prognosis evaluation. AI/ML has truly moved from ‘hype’ and ‘hope’ to ‘results’ and ‘impact’ in its application for disease understanding and treatment.

This session will explore, through an interactive discussion, how different applications of AI/ML plays a crucial role in the integration of multiple high-dimensional sources of data (which provides a different view on the disease) and the automated derivation of actionable insights.

Topics to be discussed include, but are not limited to:

Oversight: How AI/ML aids in better understanding of diseases? What’s the role of medical professionals and ML experts in advancing better healthcare delivery? What new AI/ML disease models / applications and systems are already available? What are the popular AI techniques for structured and unstructured data? What are the hurdles in real-life AI deployment?  What does the future hold?

Case Study: Review a recent publication (that has been awarded the Servier Young Researcher Award at VAICON’21) on how AI/ML has been used to identify and quantify anatomical changes in advanced CVI that help clinicians in monitoring the progression of disease and response to treatment. With the joint collaboration by a team of doctors and Cigniti’s ML experts, an algorithm has been built with more than 90% accuracy.

Let’s explore the vision, opportunities, challenges, and implications of the use of AI/ML in clinical practice…