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Cigniti Technologies is recognized as a Leader by NelsonHall, in the Pure-Play market segment in the recently published NEAT report for Software Testing, 2016. Cigniti has also been identified as a Leader in the Overall, Digital, and Consulting market segments.

According to NelsonHall’s 2016 Cigniti Software Testing profile by Dominique Raviart, IT Services Practice Director, “Cigniti’s visibility among testing pure-plays is a strength: with its 1,800+ career testers, Cigniti is the second largest software testing pure-play by headcount”. Dominique further added that “Cigniti continues to develop IP and accelerators, like SMART Tools, Migration Tools (QuickLean, Migrate2Selenium) and new age DevOps Dashboard, Agile & Digital IPs. This is in line with NelsonHall’s view that the future of the software testing industry is about complementing testing tools with proprietary IP and platforms”.

Cigniti is Leader in Overall market segment of NEAT 2016

NelsonHall report

Cigniti is Leader in Pure-Play market segment of NEAT 2016

NelsonHall report

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"Clients like the flexibility of Cigniti and their investments into IPs & Tools"
*Ref Dominique Raviart, Principal Analyst at Nelson Hall

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Cigniti is ranked as a 'Leader' in Software Testing NEAT charts in the Overall Market Segment

This Overall assessment represents a composite view of Cigniti's positioning, taking into account positioning in other market segments, principally Efficiency Clients and Transformation-Focused Clients.

Cigniti is ranked as a 'Leader' in Software Testing NEAT charts in the Efficiency Clients Market Segment

"Efficiency clients" aim to centralize testing, lower spending, standardize testing tools and processes, and increase their testing effectiveness overall

Cigniti is ranked as a 'Leader' in Software Testing NEAT charts in the Transformation-Focused Client Market Segment

Transformation-Focused clients want to ensure the success of a major internal application rollout initiative by allocating the right level of testing resources.

The Gallop acquisition further changes the scale of Cigniti. This makes Cigniti the world's third largest software testing pure play company.

*Ref NelsonHall-Cigniti Profiling 2013

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