Life @ Cigniti

Life @ Cigniti

Work = Play

Cigniti is a place where a fine line of career testers lead young minds into the infinite opportunities in Software testing. At Cigniti, we make sure that talent meets technology in a culture which is driven by knowledge and growth. Being a part of Cigniti makes you a stakeholder of achievements which will turn your latent potential into a success story.

Cignitians with their families at a picnic in Dallas

We are a strong and growing team of professionals specializing in Software testing. We look at our team as a think tank of people who love excellence in software testing. An equally amazing team of professionals drive our marketing, sales and business management teams. We believe we are brought together by our passion for excellence, which is infectious at our workplace.

At Cigniti, work becomes play as the young, bright and curious minds are guided to achieve the highest standards in the Software Testing industry. Busy brains break into funny smiles at the work place which blends a professional atmosphere with the spirit of the festivals that mark our calendars. From pot painting on Sankranthi to the vibrant Stars on Christmas Eve, Cigniti honors the timeless traditions and drives ahead with enthusiasm.

Cigniti Welcomes Gallop Team