"Mobile applications are becoming the primary digital experience touch point for customers and employees, and the resulting challenges for application development and delivery organizations have never been greater. Engaging high quality customer-facing apps positively impact revenue, while poor quality apps put experience and brand reputation at risk. The struggle to create testing scenarios that cover the variegated landscape of mobile devices, operating systems, and network connections have application development and delivery leaders searching for greater automation and better tools." - Forrester

Why Mobile Testing?

The last few years have witnessed an exponential growth in the number and variety of consumer and Enterprise mobile applications, and this Mobile shift in every industry is expected to re-engineer businesses for Mobile responsiveness. Enterprises are expected to ensure a high level of quality in every application in order to compete, prevent loss of productivity, increase revenue, and improve brand reputation.

Device and platform diversity, short release cycles, lack of mature testing tools, and the variety of network connectivity requirements make for a compelling need for an end-to-end mobile application testing solution.

Mobile App Testing

  • Device agnostic mobile automation framework: Testing mobile applications is more complex and time consuming compared to traditional desktop and web applications, due to lack of a single dominant platform. Due to this, applications need to be tested on diverse platforms.
  • Testing required on different network conditions: Unique scenarios such as bandwidth change, dropped connections in network conditions, alerts and notifications, as well as touch screen responsiveness require additional types of testing to ensure acceptable application behaviour in real world conditions.
  • Fast changing OEM Landscape: A wide variety of phones and tablets of various screen sizes add complexity in testing mobile applications, as there is no standard reference available. Added to this is the fast changing mobile OEM landscape.
  • Frequency of releases: The mobile applications are fixed constantly for bugs and new features, and the frequency of releases is far greater than the conventional applications.
The Solution

Cigniti provides a comprehensive mobile application testing strategy for getting applications to market on time and within budget, thereby providing value to customers. Cigniti's Mobile Testing approach encapsulates the entire software testing life cycle to ensure quality deliverables by leveraging our Mobile Test Center of Excellence. Cigniti's device agnostic mobile automation framework supports a multitude of operating systems, cross-OEM compatibility, portability, and reusability of scripts.

  • Proprietary testing framework to determine optimal mobile test platform based on production / industry analytics for devices, locations, and carriers
  • Simulation of network bandwidth settings based on the carrier (3G, 3G+, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi etc.) and the quality of signal (Poor, Average, and Good)
  • Mobile Device Cloud for testing on real devices on diverse networks and geographies
  • Device agnostic mobile automation framework supporting multitude of operating systems (such as iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows & BlackBerry), cross-OEM compatibility, portability, and reusability of scripts
  • Mobile Test Accelerators for jump starting, and thereby reducing test cycles

To know more about how Cigniti can help you take advantage of Mobile testing, write to info@cigniti.com.