"A successful retailer will drive mobile, social, accessibility and a data-driven work environment that will enhance the customer experience."

Quality is Retailer's success imperative. Cigniti being a world-class independent testing services provider, brings-in "the unbiased" quality approach, "custom-built" retail testing solutions, and a "dream team" with strong domain expertise delivering value to its clients.

From aligning the right strategy to the right implementation approach, Cigniti's proven successes and domain expertise in Retail Testing enable multi-channel Retailers to transform their businesses through a results-driven approach in Quality Optimization.

The new-gen consumer market has transformed dramatically, playing a vital role in influencing how the retailers drive their business. This has morphed the way how IT applications are being developed, supported and run. Cigniti assists retailers in establishing a platform to solidify and reinforce their enterprise IT landscape to minimize the cost and risk to cope with upcoming market trends. Cigniti institutes custom built test solutions and end-to-end testing processes for retailers, supporting their initiatives of re-platform/upgrade/set-up of complex integration between latest CRM, OMS, WMS, Cloud, Mobile and Web Applications.

Deploying new and evolving technologies, while delivering great customer experience has become top most priority of retailers globally.

Based on latest studies, here are the top retail trends of 2016 supported by Cigniti:

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Cigniti's singular focus on "Quality" provides tremendous value to retailers by reducing impacts to their production and delivering unparalleled experience to shoppers.

Leveraging Retail and Digital Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) and Domain Competency Group (DCG), Cigniti has created ready-to-use test accelerators and solutions across different platforms in the retail domain. These accelerators are enablers, which can reduce testing efforts as early as from the first day of the engagement. Highlights of Cigniti's retail test solutions:

  • Decades of experience and QA thought leadership addressing retail industry challenges
  • Complete suite of testing services for entire retail IT landscape through domain experts specialized in automation, performance, security and mobile testing
  • Speed to Market advantage through pre-built retail test accelerators
  • Custom-built Strategy services for retailers moving digital for the first time
  • Instrumental in Agile and DevOps enablement for retailers, bringing down test cycle time

Retail TCoE of Cigniti puts emphasis on translating end user's requirements into new business opportunities. Below are Cigniti's key capabilities in Retail:

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Cigniti's automated end-to-end testing services in retail, focusing on POS, Merchandising, CRM, and WMS, amplifies the user experience in stores and contributes to improved sales and profitability.

Cigniti's test accelerators help reduce the regression test effort, thus improving test coverage and overall quality of retail applications that are essential to drive business and win end-user faith. Typically in retail domain, warehouse management system's transactions increase the complexity of automation. To overcome these challenges associated with WMS, Cigniti helps its clients by defining and establishing a ‘best fit' framework through assimilating test data management and application configuration management which ensures zero script failures, reduced maintenance- and improved quality.

Some of the tools and technologies which are leveraged in our retail approach are displayed below:

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Benefits gained by global retailers by engaging with Cigniti

  • Strong Expertise in Retail Domain: Delivered value with help of our Domain Competency Group (DCG) and Retail TCoE reducing QA effort and cost to our customers. Cigniti’s Domain, Product and Tool Experts in retail complement the engineering team and strengthen our testing service offering. These resources have diversified expertise and experience in testing different utility applications/products implementation, upgrades, migration and/or enhancements.
  • Flexible Engagement Models: Cigniti’s diligently designed engagement models help our retail clients to manage their risk and balance their resources and cost strategy for testing needs. Scalable and flexible engagement models offered to our clients help us deliver the most pragmatic solutions in the industry.
  • Time and Cost reduction: Cigniti has translated its learning, experience and expertise into Smart Tools™, which are leveraged by clients to accelerate and incur immediate benefits of Quality Assurance early in software lifecycle. These tools help our Retail customers in identifying software defects early on from requirement phase and aid in optimizing test combinations with in the complex cross- channel integration environment
  • Test labs for Compatibility, Mobile, and Security:  Cigniti has cloud enabled test labs for compatibility testing, performance testing and mobile application testing to tune into ever increasing demands of retailers. We also establish dedicated test labs for clients with additional security measures that can be audited by client teams.

Why Cigniti for Retailers:

  • Comprehensive Service Offerings: Our platform of services spans across the entire retail and digital commerce ecosystem
  • Strategic Consulting: Our dedicated domain experts bring-in more than 10 years of retail and digital Commerce expertise
  • Pre-built Accelerators: Jump start retail test automation KIT that has “Tool agnostic automation framework” and “Reusable object repository”
  • Our People: Cigniti’s “Always-on” retail domain certified global resource pool allows our clients focus on their core operational needs while we focus on enterprise application quality
  • Our Clients: From Food to Fashion to eCommerce, we have worked with industry’s top players
  • Our Smart Test Platform:  Cigniti’s Smart Test Platform is cloud enabled, with Pay As You Go model service options designed exclusively for Retail clients
  • Our Approach:  Cigniti’s balanced approach aligns business and end-user needs in one compelling retail solution

Meet our retail thought leader:

Wendy N. Atlin

Wendy N. Atlin

VP, Retail Enterprise Solutions, Cigniti Inc

Wendy Atlin is Head of Retail Practice and Vice President of strategy and business development for the Retail Line of Business at Cigniti. In this role she is responsible for leading the development and execution of strategic initiatives focused brand expansion and new business acquisition.