"Service virtualization and testing (SVT) solutions provide developers and testers with tools to quickly simulate the services of a complex production environment, mainly for automating regression, integration, and performance tests. In doing so, SVT enables companies to define complex test scenarios, provision more consistent production-like test labs more quickly, and test in fast-paced Agile environments to improve testing speed and product quality." - Forrester

Why Service Virtualization and Testing?

In the traditional approach to testing, teams provided components they were responsible for, which were then assembled, and tested. In today's rapid development cycles, this wait (read delay) can prove to be disastrous. Most organizations today face an undeniable need for systems and processes that can mimic and recreate the behaviour of a production environment.

Service Virtualization is a method that emulates the behaviour of specific applications in a heterogeneous environment. A synchronized application development and testing environment is the need of the hour. Application virtualization testing ensures that the testing environment provides a much needed transparency between the two, as also enables parallel testing of different components.

Service Virtualization and Testing

Testing cycle can now be integrated early on with the help of virtualized internal APIs (that can be called from the components being tested and help create a simulated environment), third-party apps, etc. However, there are challenges that need to be addressed.

  • Simulation of production like environment during the testing life cycle
  • Multiple interdependencies between applications and their interfaces
  • Quick turnaround for creation of environments in geographically distributed teams
  • Ensuring optimum test coverage in continuous release integration
  • Replication of headless testing for incomplete functions
  • Test data provisioning in a heterogeneous environment
  • Tool & Technology agnostic automation framework
  • Automated Test Design & Test Data generation
  • Automated Test Execution for both GUI and non-GUI testing
  • Industry proven techniques for optimized test coverage
  • Plug-and-play ready solution for any phase of test life cycle
  • Effort saving of up to 45% with the proposed integrated solution
  • Accelerated test cycles due to elimination of interface dependencies
  • Adoption of parallel development and testing via service virtualization
  • Validation of core functionality allowing faster than expected time-to-market
  • Utilization of Shift Left for early detection of defects
  • Test more scenarios faster and earlier, increasing quality and lowering risk

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