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NelsonHall positions Cigniti as a Leader in 2019 NEAT charts for Mobile Testing Capabilities

NelsonHall positioned Cigniti as a Leader in the Mobile Testing Capability market segment, in its 2019 NEAT charts. This market segment reflects Cigniti’s overall ability to meet future client requirements as well as delivering immediate benefits to software testing clients with a specific focus on mobile testing.

Leaders are vendors that exhibit both a high ability relative to their peers to deliver immediate benefit and a high capability relative to their peers to meet client future requirements.

In the report, NelsonHall mentioned, Cigniti’s mobile testing offering is comprehensive. The company markets its mobile access services on a pay-per-use model (e.g. based on the number of hours for access to mobile devices). It highlights that it has positioned by providing a cost-competitive offering to Perfecto Mobile. Cigniti has its mobile test automation framework, called Cigniti Mobile Test Automation. The framework is part of Cigniti’s BlueSwan family of IP and accelerators, within the Velocita tool.

NelsonHall’s NEAT Report 2019 for Mobile Testing

Dominique Raviart, Principal Analyst at Nelson Hall

“Clients like the flexibility of Cigniti and their investments into IPs & Tools”

– Dominique Raviart, Principal Analyst at Nelson Hall