Cigniti is recognized as a Horizon 1 Disruptor in Embedding AI and automation to deliver QA services for change agents

HFS Horizons: Assuring the Generative Enterprise™, 2024

Horizon 1 Service Providers Demonstrate

The ability to drive functional optimization outcomes with selective QA capabilities

Deep engineering capabilities driving speed and efficiency

Strong technology and managed services partners

Offshore-focused with strong technical skills

Robust fundamentals of innovation and transformation enabled by QA

Referenceable and satisfied clients for ability to execute technology transformation

Cigniti: Embedding AI and automation to deliver QA services for change agents

  • Value Proposition: Cigniti’s flexible approach aims to deliver QA services with flexibility and nimbleness often not afforded to its larger competitors, focusing on outcomes-based solutions and designing a transformation program that can be adjusted to fit unique client needs.
  • Embedding AI and Automation: Cigniti’s BlueSwan platform, consisting of eight core components, has several instances of AI and automation infusion. For example, its Prudentia component automates the creation of testing procedures, the iNSta component is an AI-based test automation platform, and the CESA component is an AI-based sentiment analyzer too.
  • Focus on Assuring Change Agents: Cigniti focuses on delivering business assurance for enterprises adopting various change agents. For example, it has developed capabilities to help clients assure and achieve FDA compliance in the medtech industry.
    Outcomes: For a major US airline, Cigniti drove a QE transformation increasing the release velocity by four times and increasing the automation coverage from 25% to 85%.
  • Industry Agnostic: Cigniti has a handful of referenceable client success stories across a wide range of industries, demonstrating its ability to navigate domain-specific nuances to deliver QA services in retail, travel, healthcare, banking, financial services, and insurance.