IDC's annual ‘Enterprise Intelligence Services Case Studies: AI-enabled Analytics’ annual case studies compendium features Cigniti’s transformative success stories, recognizing us for our leadership and innovation.

IDC’s Annual Compendium of Enterprise Intelligence Services Case Studies: AI-enabled Analytics – are examples of client projects where enterprise intelligence services providers leverage AI-enabled analytics capabilities to improve business outcomes.

This presentation illustrates three customer case studies from Cigniti, spotlighting their expertise in AI-driven analytics for enterprise intelligence services. It underscores their proficiency in delivering production-ready solutions, achieving ROI, and driving enhanced client business outcomes.

  • Leading NGO Attains 30% Better Treatment Outcomes Using Cigniti’s ML Model

  • Leading HVAC manufacturer Save Costs & Minimize Leak Detection with Cigniti’s Computer Vision Digital Tracking Solutions

  • A Prominent Banking & Financial Services Group Generates Higher Revenues Leveraging Cigniti’s Customer Lifetime Value Model