Cignithon- A Cigniti Testing Hackathon

Cignithon- A Cigniti Testing Hackathon

09 February 2020 | 11:30 AM (India Standard Time) | Hyderabad

At Cigniti, we realized that we have talent around us who are deeply passionate about testing, about quality assurance and quality engineering. Efforts were needed to bring together these passionate testers and build a testing community which is based on trust, sharing and collaboration.

This led us to conceptualize Cignithon, Cigniti’s Testing hackathon, which now has become the biggest testing hackathon in town which is helping build Hyderabad’s Software Testing community. The first and the most recent edition received phenomenal response with software testers from more than 54+ companies turning up at the event to battle their wits and uncover defects from live applications! One of the applications tested was a blockchain based app as well!

And of course, there were great prizes on offer and it was a fun-filled event on a Sunday!

If you are looking at being a part of the community, feel free to join in the Hyderabad Software Testing Meetup group to stay updated of the upcoming events!

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