Customer Experience Sentiment Analyzer - CESA

Your ears to the marketplace for analysing client sentiments.

Hear the Voice of Your Customer

Client Sentiment about your products & services is the lifeline that helps you create and maintain your reputation. Client Sentiment Analysis plays a critical role in understanding the Voice of the Customer.

Sentiment analysis, or opinion mining helps you collect and analyse information to understand the opinions and responses of customers on multiple social media sources. Utilizing predictive and prescriptive AI and ML techniques helps overcome the challenges involved.

Performing sentiment analysis helps you:

  • Get an outside in view of user experience
  • Get Industry/Peer comparison
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Prioritise backlog
  • Understand client feedback across social channels to improve digital experience & service quality

Understand & Analyze Genuine Client Sentiment

Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture, and analyze data about a segment of customers that is happy or unhappy with your discount sales or returns policies?

If you knew whether your clients liked a newly launched product with newer features – or if they are upset that the existing features have been dropped, you can make quick and continuous changes to the products. Sentiment analysis will help you to position and represent your products by means of creating a personal connect with their users.

An effective customer experience sentiment analyzer (CESA) helps track genuine and authentic client sentiment continuously by capturing reactions, comments, and frequency of posts on digital platforms.

By providing genuine, continuous product listening, along with the correct interpretation of the amassed information, CESA helps organizations convert the sentiments of their clients to actionable steps and plans that can then be utilized across development, testing, and operations to improve the products.

Wow your Clients!

With customer experience (CX) requirements at their peak, you need to wow them by continuously adding the demanded features to your products, without impacting quality or security. Not being able to collect, understand, and analyze the voice of your clients is a big obstacle in this journey.

While 99% of times the users are not able to express their requirements, even the feedback received as part of surveys conducted is confusing at times. This makes it very difficult to really understand the sentiments in general for a product.

CESA, using machine learning and AI, can help you understand and predict the needs, demands, and even the imagination of their end-users and future clients. It helps you to shift-left the process of analysing the features expected by your clients, so that you can continuously implement the same in your products.

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Get AI-based insights on Customer Sentiment using CESA

CESA identifies and categorizes feedback expressed by end-users to determine the usability from a product and service quality perspective. The primary source of information is from app store reviews, Twitter and Facebook conversations. The analysis will help qualify topics, sentiment, feature requests, what works & what doesn’t, and quality & regression issues from the conversations.

CESA crawls and captures end-user feedback from publicly available sources and provides insights for improving end-user engagement, emotion, and experience. This helps you gain AI-based insights on customer sentiment & opinion mining to maximize the CX. It also helps prioritize business decisions effectively based on direct user feedback analysis.

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