Assuring Business Continuity & Faster Resilience in Unprecedented Times…

With practically every nation, company & individual in the world grappling with the COVID-19 situation and its implications, it’s a testing time for all of us.

Our lives, work & future are faced with uncertainties and need rapid adaption to new normal. There’s no business or industrial sector across the globe that remains untouched by the severity and rapid spread of the pandemic.

Business Continuity & Business Resilience

Organizations need to be resilient and develop an immediate response plan. They need to reimagine their processes and way of functioning to be able to continuously keep churning out the best in class quality products, services, and applications. To achieve this, they need to have fully-functional agile teams in place that assure security, performance, and scalability of applications.

We are taking every measure to protect the interests of our valued clients across sectors – along with the safety of our employees across the globe. Managing business continuity is critical and businesses need to operate remotely in these testing times. They require stable, scalable, secure and robust performing systems that improve collaboration & communication amongst remotely located teams.

Below are a few steps we have taken for ensuring business continuity without impacting delivery of our services to our valued clients.

  • To uphold the security protocols from our side while connecting to our client infrastructure, we have enforced multiple security features such as stipulated connection via web-based URLs, customer supplied VPN Client tool and infra on user system, & robust, Site-to-Site tunnel systems which are helpful in drastically reducing the risk of a security breach.
  • We have also strengthened our Security Testing CoE and teams as the requests for our security testing service continue to increase.
  • We have allowed access to enterprise wide real-time communication to allow seamless communication even when teams are working from home.
  • We have augmented the IT infrastructure so that employees can work remotely.

We are built to operate and deliver from remote working locations.
Our software testing expertise helps secure business continuity in these testing times. Our 2500+ dedicated, quality engineering and software testing professionals are spread across diverse locations. We deliver continuous testing and test automation services that assure & engineer quality of the applications being developed by our clients. To help global organizations, we are providing specific support for:

  • Enabling zero-touch technology: We engineer the quality of zero-touch technology-based applications for industries such as Retail, Supply Chain, Logistics, & others so that they are reliable, robust, and secure, & ensure their seamless, continuous integration with the overall enterprise systems.
  • Medical device testing & Healthcare & Life Sciences testing: Healthcare, Pharma, & Medical devices are a few of the top industries that we have focused on for almost 8 years, and we have deep expertise in serving these domains.
  • Security testing and compliance testing: We are a CMMI-SVC v1.3, Maturity Level 5, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, & AICPA/SOC certified organization, and our remotely working team – currently working from home – strictly adheres to them. With global workforce also going remote, the number of access points accessing the enterprise applications has grown multi-fold. Our secure infrastructure lets our teams access your applications securely, thereby reducing your risks, and providing continuous support for business continuity.
  • Agile & DevOps testing to support your need of performance & scalability: While our shift left approach assesses & identifies areas of performance improvements for your applications early in the application lifecycle, our Agile performance testing methodology helps design tests considering business criticality, geographic distribution, etc.
  • Real-time insights & analytics: Verita is a quality engineering platform and dashboard with descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive capabilities. It is a part of the suite of software testing accelerators of BlueSwan™. BlueSwan™ is Cigniti’s next generation software testing platform that assures impeccable software quality and helps clients deliver applications that are truly reliable, robust, scalable, & highly secure.

Cigniti is committed towards ensuring that your applications are secure, reliable, and robust, and to #SayingNoToBadSoftware. We are making continuous efforts to ensure business continuity and stability for our customers and employees alike.

If you are looking for assistance related to Quality Assurance for your applications, please reach out to us here.

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