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Business Transformation Driven by Programmatic Innovation

At Cigniti, our digital engineering services are designed to help you transform from ‘where you are today’ to ‘where you want to go’ by implementing our homegrown Programmatic Innovation framework. We tie up the entire process of software development which allows us to provide a predictable outcome for the organizations that are engaged and working with us.

We provide predictable outcomes to the end consumers with Integrity, Consistency, and Empathy as the driving force. On the pillars of which we help our customers build a digitally resilient enterprise.

Did You Know?


Leading airline equipment solutions provider saved 30% of overall costs with Cigniti’s Mobile Application.


Global bank saved $90mn in annual fraud losses by using Cigniti’s Fraud Detection Engine.


Leading utility company reduced ETL execution cycle by 65% with Cigniti’s Business Intelligence solution.


Large hospital chain increased their OPD to IPD conversion rate to 150% using Cigniti’s Patient Revenue Intelligent Maximizer Engine.

Digital Engineering Offerings

At Cigniti, we offer a host of digital engineering services aligned with our proven Programmatic Innovation framework


ZastraTM is our proprietary active AI-based end-to-end data curation and annotation platform for image and video datasets that help reduce data annotation efforts by up to 70%. ZastraTM fastens ML model deployment, thereby helping enterprises achieve the true market potential they deserve in the global ecosystem.

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