Hospital Clinical System Testing Expertise

Hospital Clinical Systems Testing Services

Testing services for Clinical Data warehouse
  • Data Completeness, Correctness, Quality, & Accessibility, along with testing for Requirement Ambiguity, BI Application Usability, Dashboards & Reports, Performance & Stress, Data Validation, System Integration, Security, and System
Testing services for Clinical Systems
  • Functional Testing: Test Automation and testing Regression, end-to-end, Compatibility, User Acceptance, System Integration, and E2E/Business Process
  • Non-Functional Testing: Testing for Security, Usability, Performance, Interoperability, along with Compliance & Regulatory testing
Functional & Cross-browser Compatibility Testing for Healthcare firm

Functional & Cross-browser Compatibility Testing for Healthcare firm

Telemedicine in healthcare industry is enabling remote care and swift assistance in case of emergency. A leading provider of communication systems in healthcare wanted to test functionality and compatibility of the channel to improve its service quality. Know how Cigniti helped them gain greater credibility and brand value by reducing 40% of the post-production defects in the applications.

EHR Experience & Cerner Testing Experience

Our focus areas for EHR experience are:

  • Clinical Data Integration Testing
  • Device Integration Testing
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Functional End-to-End Testing

Our focus areas for Cerner Testing Experience are:

  • Trained & Certified Testing professionals familiar with healthcare applications
  • In house IP-led next generation platform to accelerate testing efforts
  • Tool agnostic framework
  • Regulatory Compliant Quality Processes

Epic Application Experience

Our focus areas for Epic Application Experience are:

  • Data accuracy and integrity
  • Error free billing and accounting
  • End-to-end business process testing
  • Documents/SOP validations and verifications
  • Information exchangeability in highly secured conditions
  • Service validation and verification for third party systems
  • Inventory flow and control between Stores/Pharmacy module and ERP SCM
  • Decision support areas in both clinical & business/back office systems

EPIC, HIMS and ERP Integrations

  • Key transactions: Patient/Vendor invoice, Customer/Vendor/Petty Cash payments, Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Notes, Journals etc.
  • Verify Chart of Accounts synchronization, transaction & error handling in posting, Validate seeded and custom reports, Inventory flow and optimization, AR and AP transactions.

Carelink + Testing Expertise


  • SMEs with extensive experience in testing Carelink+ application
  • Functional consultants (Career Testers) with large scale implementations
  • Experienced Professionals with testing skillsets and certifications
  • Strong Expertise in multiple testing tools for Automation, Test & Defect Management

Test Accelerators:

  • Pre-built Test Case Suite for out-of-the box functionality
  • Comprehensive set of Integrated Test Cases across the modules
  • Reduces effort on Test Design, & Test Authoring
  • Limited effort required for client specific customisation
  • Pre-built Test Management Checklist

Best Practices:

  • Test Methodology and proven automation framework aligned to Carelink+ application
  • Leverage Cigniti Testing Best Practices in the areas of testing execution, issue tracking, and reporting
  • In-house Tools & Solution Accelerators developed to expedite the Testing process
  • Testing Center of Excellence (CoE) for leading enterprise applications and other Packaged Solutions


  • Extensive experience in testing Carelink+ modules – Roster, Forms, Reports, Advance Financial Package (AFP) modules
  • Integration and Interface Testing with other leading enterprise applications
  • End to End Business Process Testing (BPT), System integration, User Acceptance Testing and UX Monitoring / Testing
  • Test Data Management
  • Independent testing, Managed Test Center, Testing CoE

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Leverage our experience in testing Carelink+, EHR & Cerner; and expertise in EPIC, HIMS and ERP Integrations and reduce efforts on Test Design, Test Authoring, and client specific customization.