Continuous Testing & End-to-End Validation for Digitalization Of Core Banking Systems

Robust testing of security and performance across all banking touch points

Obstacles in the Digital Transformation journey of the Banking Industry

Digital Banks today need to keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape and the 24/7 demands of customers. Banks must offer complete functionality in the highly diverse mobile and browser technology fragmentation, end-to-end validation of both front/back-end systems, & ensure a consistent multi-channel delivery experience, along with the best usability and compatibility experience.

As performance failures in banking portals can have a serious effect on consumers, banks need a robust infrastructure, connectivity, and seamless integration into the backend systems. Web security of banking portals is a prime concern and thus penetration testing, thorough Code level reviews, & compliance to international security standards such as PCI DSS is also very important. Additionally, BASEL IV, MiFID II, GDPR, and other regulations entail huge expense & effort on the part of the banks, and a trusted and proven partner can save them significant money and time.

How Cigniti helps Banks in their Digital Transformation journey

Cigniti, with its experience of being the core banking Digital Transformation and testing partner for pioneering mobile-only banks in US & UK, has vindicated its capabilities in areas such as omni-channel banking, retail banking, corporate banking, centralized banking, mortgages, cards and payment gateways. Cigniti has in-depth experience in testing across diverse industry standard products such as T24, Finacle, Flexcube, Bancs24, & Vision Plus, and compliance with regulations such as BASEL, BCBS 239, SEPA, AML, FATCA, etc.

We understand that functional and transactional accuracy, ease of access, 24/7 availability, & performance are key to any banking app. Cigniti has successfully delivered testing services for nearly 20 years, implementing its Test Center of Excellence, delivering Managed Testing Services, and providing end-to-end testing services for leading banking companies across multiple geographies. Our client testimonials and recognition by leading industry analysts are proof of our reliability and capabilities.

Value proposition across Banking segments

Core Banking Systems

  • Expertise in validating Core Banking Transformations and Upgradations
  • Domain experts across diverse modles like Retail, Corporate Banking, Trade Finance, and Treasury
  • Expertise on Risk management and Regulatory compliance

Digital/Omni-Channel Banking

  • Accessibility and Usability Testing
  • Assure consistent “Customer Experience” across channels
  • Compliance with standards and ensuring application performance


  • Testing across payments & Cards life cycle systems
  • Validating compliance of Industry standard security protocols
  • Performance Testing to validate handling of large volumes

Lending & Mortgages

  • Expertise across diverse loan products such as Mortgages, Auto Loans, Commercial Loans, Overdraft, Cash Credit, etc.
  • Testing experience across Loan Origination, Servicing, and Delinquency handling applications
Test Management & Automation helps UK’s digital bank Reduce Test Cycle Time

Test Management & Automation helps UK’s digital bank Reduce Test Cycle Time

The convenience of digital banking is shifting the customers’ preference to online banking services. UK’s first digital bank wanted to offer a seamless banking experience via an application along with a validated biometric solution. Read how Cigniti’s domain expertise improved the quality of their mobile app and reduced costs and time to market.

Know how Cigniti’s Agile TCoE and QA frameworks, processes, and experts ensured smooth delivery of services, established corporate governance & assured process excellence.

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Test Management & Automation helps UK’s digital bank reduce test cycle time

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Banking Domain Expertise & Benefits


Banking and Financial Services Domain Experts


Fortune 500 Banking clients


Banking Products & Module Accelerators


Active clients with multiyear contracts


Banking and Financial Services Clients

Extensive Expertise in CBS & Compliance Support for Banking Regulations

Cards and Payment Testing Expertise

Focus Areas

Digital Payments

  • Contactless Payments
  • P2P transfers
  • Tokenisation
  • POS Terminals
  • Remittance Services

API Based Payments

  • Realtime Payments
  • Third Party Payments
  • Payment Gateways
  • Identity based payments

Regulatory Compliance

  • PSD2
  • ISO20022 / ISO8583
  • PCI Compliance


  • Authorizations
  • Merchant Mgmt.
  • Messaging Systems
  • Collections
  • Disputes and Chargebacks
  • Delinquency

E Commerce

  • MPoS
  • Card Payments
  • Payment Process
  • Payment Aggregators

Business Areas

  • Digital Banking
  • Issuance
  • Mobile Payments
  • Acquiring and Processing
  • Value Added Services
  • POS Terminals


  • Framework and Utilities
  • Cards and Payments DCG
  • BlueSwanTM
  • Performance Testing CoE
  • Process Assets and Best Practices
  • Security Testing CoE

Cigniti’s Banking Domain Competency Group

Cigniti’s dedicated Banking Domain Competency Group (DCG) furthers our thought leadership in the Banking functional and technology landscape. Our experts ensure your apps work seamlessly through effective integration, thus assuring a consistent & pleasant user experience to your customers across all channels.

Cigniti’s DCG facilitates effective delivery through an experienced pool of top-quality test consultants who are industry SMEs and certified professionals. Cigniti’s dedicated DCGs concentrate on the training and development of resources within these domains to ensure the highest standards of quality. Our Banking DCG has engineered Delimit-Ex, a one-step solution to decrypt and read complex financial files such as EFT and ABA.

Product Expertise & BFS Expertise

Our Banking Differentiators



A one-step solution to decrypt and read complex financial files such as EFT and ABA.

Open Banking Accelerators

Open Banking Accelerators

Pro build reusable scripts enabling faster validation of the Open Banking APIs

Message Validations

Message Validations

Repository of SWIFT / ISO messaging standards to jumpstart message validation services in payments space

Banking Domain Checklist

Banking Domain Checklist

Functional checklist mapping out the complete functional spectrum across the sub domains of BFS with all the core workflows covered


Cigniti’s Test Automation Framework (CTAF)

CTAF is a tool agnostic automation framework that can be used across multiple application/mobile devices.
Reusable Test Artefacts

Reusable Test Artefacts

Generic Ready to use Test Repository. Comprises of test scenarios for key standard business flows that result in high reusability and quick transition

Cigniti’s Test Automation Framework for Banks

Cigniti’s Test Automation Framework (CTAF) is a tool-agnostic framework that can be used across multiple applications/mobile devices with minimal re-work. Cigniti is also in partnership with HP and has delivered QA Automation solutions to over 30+ satisfied banking customers. This framework is reusable & modular, reducing effort by around 25%. It enables test teams to jump-start test events around 30% faster to deliver solutions quickly & realize greater ROI. The framework is also pro-agile with CI tools such as Jenkins, etc.

Solutions & Reusable Testing Artifacts for Banking

Cigniti has proven tools and accelerators for the Banking space that positively impact the efforts involved and reduce the time-to-market for its clients.

Delimit-Ex is a one-step solution that helps decode complex financial files by automatically decrypting them and exporting them in a readable format such as EFT and ABA. This reduces the testing time by 40%, relieving the testers to focus on finding defects instead of reading the files. The tool is also reverse engineered to create test files in various formats and is embedded with basic auto validation capabilities.

Cigniti has leveraged its extensive experience of testing banking applications and has come out with a generic ready-to-use Test Repository. This comprises of test scenarios for key standard business flows that result in high reusability and quick transition. This can enable testers to jump-start their testing efforts and significantly reduce the time it takes to ramp up new projects. We currently have around 10,000+ reusable test cases encompassing various Banking modules like Account creation, Deposits, Loans, Payments, Mortgages, etc.

Test Accelerators for Banking Products & Modules




Current / Savings Accounts

Loan Management Systems

Cards and Payments

Investment Banking

Wealth Management

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