Ecommerce Website Testing For Personalized Customer Experience

Quality Engineering Platform with Predict Capabilities for testing Ecommerce websites

Ecommerce Testing includes much more than just software testing

Are you an Ecommerce platform vendor on your way to innovate on your Ecommerce game but unsure exactly how to transform? To achieve success, you need to provide:

  • Omni-channel engagement: Seamless customer engagement across social, mobile, & cloud technologies is required for providing the best user’s experience (UX). At Cigniti, we help you simulate & validate your e-commerce platform on mobile, social engagement platforms, & POS systems. Our test data & test scenarios encompass UX across apps & systems driving various channels, covering all possible omni-channel combinations.
  • Machine integration: Cigniti’s test automation solutions enable ease of flow between the machines & ensure smooth integration of machine-to-machine transactions, leading to happy customers.
  • Personalized digital experiences: Enterprises need to use AI & machine learning-based tools to collect & analyze data & predict customer behaviour based on the outcomes. Verita, a component of Cigniti’s next gen software testing platform BlueSwan, is a Quality Engineering platform and dashboard with predict capabilities. Verita helps analyze data from descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, & prescriptive viewpoints that helps drive business outcomes, improves predictability, accelerates transformation and promotes collaboration.

From Food to Fashion to Ecommerce, we work with top players in the industry on Digital Quality Engineering for Retail Industry.

Additional Ecommerce Solutions by Cigniti

Having thoroughly understood the dynamics, complexity & expectations of the Ecommerce platform providers and end-users, Cigniti is confident of delivering a “World-Class” testing solution through the means of the following levers:

  • UI & User Experience Testing: In-house frameworks, toolkits and checklists to perform automated UI validation across OEMs, Browsers & O/S.
  • Holiday Readiness Testing: Pay per use performance testing model improving application performance & assuring 90th percentile response times in standard reporting.
  • PCI Preparedness: Pre-defined checklists that enable preparedness of Ecommerce portals for PCI DSS certification. Threat models and test execution are done by Certified Ethical Hackers.

Today’s Ecommerce platforms also require to seamlessly integrate with Payment Systems, Supply Chain, ERP, Warehouse Management, POS, and other applications in the Enterprise ecosystem. The above-mentioned trends, complex business architecture, and Enterprise ecosystem call for testing specialists and a test partner who is agile, smart, effective, and efficient.

End-to-end Robotic Process Automation for a rent-to-own industry leader

End-to-end Robotic Process Automation for a rent-to-own industry leader

RPA in retail is being used to automate and improve repetitive workflows. A rent-to-own services provider wanted to automate chargeback transaction processes for which its employees were spending 8 hours per day. Discover how Cigniti leveraged RPA bots to reduce the manhours required from 8 hours to 30 minutes.

Learn how Cigniti successfully deployed open source testing solutions, reduced overall costs & significantly reduced leakage.

Our Key Clients

Here are few of the leading organizations who rely on Cigniti’s Ecommerce Testing experts:


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Ecommerce Testing Expertise & Benefits

Over 18% of testing resources have Ecommerce/Retail testing expertise and experience

20%-30% effort savings Test Accelerators across ERP, CRM, POS and other packaged applications

Mobile device test lab for real device testing and through UI validations

Performance and Security tool kits effective non-functional testing

100% business complexity coverage through Mind maps

Proven services delivery with 25%-30% reduction in testing effort through test automation

Ecommerce Validation Services

Cigniti’s team of experts also provides testing services for the following:

  • Product & Product Category Validation
  • Checkout and Payments Validation
  • Interfaces Validation (Shopping channels, Point of Sale, Warehouse Management, Order and Inventory management, Supply chain, ERP, CRM et al)
  • Data Validation (Data format & integrity, Report Navigation – Drilldown Validating Master Detail Report, Data search results & Data query time)
  • Performance Validation (Analysing the real-world usage trend, Workload model and simulate traffic mimicking real-world usage, Performance engineering & APM)
  • Security Validation (End-to-end security testing – code, application and network, OWASP and other industry critical vulnerabilities, CEH and industry professionals)

Cigniti’s Ecommerce Testing Center of Excellence

Cigniti’s Ecommerce Center of Excellence leverages proven methodologies, techniques, processes, guidelines, and a tool and technology-agnostic framework to ensure effective and efficient testing and validation of Ecommerce platforms along with its interfaces. Cigniti’s Ecommerce testing framework also ensures that our philosophy of “Script Once” and “Executes Everywhere” is implemented on a plethora of devices, browsers, O/S platforms, POS, and Payment Systems.

While the framework ensures the functional readiness of the application, the performance is addressed using the performance engineering approach. Our performance validation approach includes verifying the application performance via geographically distributed load, scalability, and stress testing to meet SLA for peak load response that helps releasing the application and preparing for “Holiday Readiness”. Our performance recommendations improve predictability, availability, and reliability of your applications.

Cigniti Security Testing CoE additionally provides an end-to-end security testing solution ranging from Penetration Testing through Readiness check for PCI DSS certification.

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