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Ranging from early integration to ensuring success of mission-critical operations, the importance of quality and the inherent business value have made software testing an essential component of the Energy & Utilities (E&U) project delivery. Even during the transformation of core business applications along with infrastructure updates, testing is vital to ensure a smooth & flawless transformation.

Cigniti understands the testing needs of the E&U landscape that is undergoing a massive transformation from existing systems to better ways of consumption, production, and distribution. Having delivered comprehensive testing services to E&U organizations in US, UK, and Europe, Cigniti provides complete test coverage, test acceleration, and tool agnostic test frameworks. With capabilities that enrich QA initiatives across change management, compliance programs, and executive monitoring, our services strengthen the global E&U ecosystems with precision and high standards of QA to overcome business concerns across production, transport, distribution, consumption measurement, and billing.

While our SmartMeter Labs help smart grid systems improve the effectiveness of demand & supply management by improving the predictability and the reliability of power generated and transmitted, our cloud-enabled Performance Engineering Test Lab helps software applications achieve speed, scalability, and stability. We set up close-to-real test environments and deploy specialist performance engineering teams to ensure that load and stress testing can be conducted from different geographies, thereby saving our clients valuable time and money.
Cloud-based Performance Testing assures concurrent-user scalability for Energy & Utilities industry

Cigniti’s Cloud-based load generation strategy achieved stability with 500,000 concurrent users & improved the response times by 30%.

Energy & Utilities industry focuses on achieving twin objectives of scale and flexibility, by developing smart systems. A top-tier provider of home comfort systems needed a low-cost load generation environment to analyze base-line response time on concurrent usage.

Discover how Cigniti optimized response time by 30%, hardware performance by 25% & server performance and scalability by 20%.

Clients Who Rely on Our Energy & Utilities Expertise

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Cigniti’s Energy & Utilities Center of Excellence (CoE)

Cigniti’s E&U CoE incorporates the multiple benefits of its other CoEs such as those for Performance, Security, Automation, ERP, & Mobile CoE, for offering a complete QA solution to you. Cigniti’s E&U CoE caters to:

  • Core Systems: Enterprise Asset Management, GIS, Asset Management, Mobile Workforce Management, Project Management, Forecasting & Dispatch
  • Meter Reading: AMI, Smart Meters, Outage Management, Demand Side Management, In Home Displays, Meter Data Management System, Energy Management System
  • Consumer Services: Customer Management, Information Management, Collections, Billing & Pricing, Acquisition & Enrolment, Bill Print & Correspondence, Complaint Management
  • ETRM: Front Office, Risk Management, Scheduling & Nominations, Data Feed and Market Integration, Integration and SOA services, Infrastructure Management
  • Enterprise Solutions: SAP – EAM, Oracle Utilities, PEACE, CRM, IVR, Hyperion
  • Emerging Trends: Digital Testing, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud/SaaS

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